This Online Group Is Dedicated To “Exploring The Past Through Historical Photographs”, And Here Are 95 Of The Most Interesting Examples (New Pics)

In our times, most of humanity’s effort is set on exploring the future and the advancements that come with it, whether it’s technology or science. But delving into the past can be just as if not more entertaining.

Luckily, there’s a whole corner of Reddit dedicated to joining history aficionados together and sharing some of the most intriguing, rare and unique moments that happened a long time ago. Being home to a whopping 3.3M members, this subreddit is one of the biggest powerhouses on the platform!

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Think of the moment Marlon Brando rejected his Oscar and gave the stage to Sacheen Littlefeather to protest Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans. Or the sunny afternoon when Che Guevara and Fidel Castro went fishing in 1960. Or a day in 1992 when Michelle and Barack Obama were giggling while getting married.

Thanks to photography, special moments like these were forever carved in our memories and so today, we invite you on a walk down memory lane. Scroll down and upvote your favorite ones!

#1 In 1973, Marlon Brando Rejected His Oscar For The Godfather To Allow Sacheen Littlefeather To Protest Hollywood’s Portrayal Of Native Americans

Image credits: WhenPigsRideCars

#2 Mohawk Warrior Attacks Canadian Soldiers During Oka Crisis July-Sep 1990

Which began when the Canadian government approved the seizure of Mohawk land for a private golf course – a 14 yr old Mohawk teen was bayoneted in the chest and almost died

Image credits:

#3 Jaques Biederer, The First Photographer In History Specializing In Erotic Photos. This Photo Was Taken In Paris In 1928

Image credits: laurifroggy

#4 Commuters In New York On The Evening Of November 22, 1963

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#5 A Mob Pours Sugar, Ketchup And Mustard Over The Heads Of John Salter, Joan Trumpauer And Anne Moody

During a sit-in demonstration at a Woolworth’s ‘whites only’ lunch counter in Jackson, Miss – May 28, 1963

Image credits: oldsoul8789

#6 Võ Thi Thang Smiling After Being Sentenced To 20 Years Hard Labour In A Prison Camp By The South Vietnamese Govt – 1968

Image credits: iwasasin

#7 “Happiest Man In China”

Taken in 1901 by British anthropologists after deciding to document the Chinese. The Chinese didn’t know photos were a “serious matter” and decided to be goofy, hence the pose and smile

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Image credits: crushedmoose

#8 Salvador Dali Painting “The Face Of War”, 1940

Image credits: Kumanderdante

#9 [colorized] J. Robert Oppenheimer And Albert Einstein, 1947

Image credits: yigit148

#10 A Group Of Samurai Went On A Tourist Tour In Egypt And Took A Photo In Front Of Sphinx, 1864

Image credits: EllisJayFarrow

#11 Chinese-American War Worker In Los Angeles

Wore a handwritten sign in his back to avoid being mistaken for Japanese 1942

Image credits:

#12 Arnie Supporting Disables Athletes In The Early 1990’s

Image credits: SkoolieCats

#13 Ms. Lee Merlin, The Winner Of The “Miss Atomic Bomb” Pageant In Las Vegas, 1950s

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#14 Shoemaker’s Lunch, 1944. By Bernard Cole

Image credits: rezatvs

#15 112 Year-Old Teimruz Vanacha (Left), Veteran Of WWI And The Russian Civil War, With His Son Ivan, A Veteran Of WWII, In 1980

Image credits: Zukokingdom

#16 African-American Boys On Easter Morning, Southside, Chicago, Illinois, April 1941 [colorized]

Image credits: rishicolors

#17 Greenpeace Tries To Stop Radioactive Waste From Being Dumped In The Ocean, 1982

Image credits: TakeTheCube

#18 Night Fishing In Hawaii, 1948

Image credits: UntilTheEnd1992

#19 U.S. Helicopters Pour Machine-Gun Fire Into The Tree Line To Cover The Advance Of South Vietnamese Troops Ca, 1965

Image credits: baiqibeendeleted28x

#20 A Selfie Taken By Emperor Nicholas II (1868-1918)

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#21 Mass Demonstrations Against Soviet Union In Baku, The Capital Of Azerbaijan, 1989

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#22 Tiananmen Square Just Before The Massacre, June 4, 1989

Image credits: Bot_Patrol_Corp

#23 A Police Officer Fires Into A Group Of Demonstrators Attempting To Prohibit Access To The Wto During The “Battle Of Seattle.” Nov 30, 1999

Image credits: TomPaineinyourass

#24 Santa Claus With The Children During Croatian War Of Independence. Vukovar, 1992 (Colorized)

Image credits: faretu

#25 An Unidentified Soldier Of The 25th Infantry Division Pauses For A Cigarette. Vietnam War, 1969 [colorized]

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#26 Rare Photo Of Kim Il-Sung’s Tumor On His Neck, 1984

Image credits: Past-Two342

#27 When They Realized Women Were Using Their Sacks To Make Clothes For Their Children, Flour Mills Of The 1930s Started Using Flowered Fabric For Their Sacks (1939)

Image credits: ukselta04

#28 A Smiling Girl In A Kimono On New Year’s Day. Japan, 1914

Image credits: MunakataSennin

#29 Rarely Did Photographers Make It To Frontier Families But When They Did Families Wanted To Show How Well They Were Doing Out West By Stripping The House & Pose For The Camera

This family would like you to see their big melons are & a cow that appears to be able to climb your house! The 1870s 

Image credits: Ranking76Podcast

#30 P.t. Barnum & Bailey’s Combined Circus Performers, New York 1924

Image credits: nasandre

#31 1971, A Little Boy Running Away From Injection , Terrified Of Being Vaccinated Against Cholera At A Refugee Camp Outside Calcutta,india

Image credits: crowbiriyani

#32 Yukio Mishima Addresses Members Of The Self-Defense Forces In Tokyo Shortly Before Committing Seppuku On Nov. 25, 1970

Image credits: WhenPigsRideCars

#33 The Ethiopian Negus Menelik II Who Defeated The Italians In The Battle Of Adawa And Thus Saving His Nation From Colonisation. 1913

Image credits: yaye53

#34 Hitler Justifies The Invasion Of Poland. Hitler Speech Of September 1, 1939

Image credits: morkaniso

#35 Russian Conscript With His Family Before Being Deployed To The Front, Karachev, Bryansk, Russia, 1943

Image credits: Hopeful_Log6267

#36 Tokyo Residents Mourning Hachiko

He would regularly meet his owner, professor Ueno, at Shibuya station after he returned from work. Sadly, Ueno died on May 21, 1925, & never returned. However, Hachiko would return to the station every day for 9 years, waiting for him to come back, 1935

Image credits: TheEliteKoala1

#37 Albert Einstein Defying The Prevailing Racial Climate At The Time By Visiting Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

The first degree-granting black college in the US – to teach a class. He was an outspoken civil rights advocate for black Americans. Photographed in 1946 

Image credits: FireAndIce_3

#38 Battalion Courier Adolf Hitler In May 1915, With His Rifle Slung Over His Shoulder, On His Way To Deliver A Message During WWI

Image credits: WhenPigsRideCars

#39 On This Day 59 Years Ago, Soviet Space Mission Vostok 6 Was Launched With Valentina Tereshkova Onboard, Who Became The 1st Woman In Space

This is her during the fifth earth orbit on June 16, 1963

Image credits: aeplusjay

#40 Anton Dostler, Nazi General Moments Before Being Executed For War Crimes. Aversa, Italy. 1 December, 1945

Image credits: MysticPato

#41 Queen Elizabeth II Addresses A Vast Gathering Of More Than A Quarter Of A Million In India, 1961

Image credits: nerdy_subha

#42 Sumo Wrestling. Yokohama – Japan, 1887

Image credits: -introuble2

#43 UPS Worker Delivers Packages In New York City During The Attacks Of 9/11 2001

Image credits: BeeferDoge

#44 Dr. Erich Salomon Faked A Broken Arm So He Could Hide A Camera In His Cast To Photograph The Us Supreme Court – 1932

Image credits: rockystl

#45 The 101st Airborne Division’s “Filthy Thirteen”volunteer Pathfinders Preparing To Parachute Into France Just After Midnight On June 6, 1944

They were among the first allied troops to set foot on French soil on d-day; their mission was to mark drop zones for the airborne assault

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#46 Miners Light Up Reused Cigarettes At The End Of An Eight-Hour Shift Underground At The Zhdanovskaya Coal Mine, All For $30 A Month. Donbass, Ukraine. February 1992 – By Shepard Sherbell

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#47 “I Fear All We Have Done Is To Awaken A Sleeping Giant And Fill Him With A Terrible Resolve”- The U.S. Pacific Fleet Getting Ready For Battle During The Marshall Islands Campaign, 1944

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#48 Drive-In Car Hops In Shorts And Cowboy Boots At The Log Lodge Tavern Near Love Field Airport In Dallas, Texas, 1940

Image credits: EZX0

#49 George Harrison Of The Beatles Taking A Selfie At The Taj Mahal In 1966

Image credits: Unable-Airport-9121

#50 Captain Lewis Nixon Of The 101st Airborne Wakes Up After A Night Of Celebrating Courtesy Of Goerings Private Liquor, Wine And Champagne Collection, Austria May 4th 1945

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#51 Six-Year-Old Austrian Boy “Werfel” Receiveing A New Pair Of Shoes At The Am Himmel Orphanage

Donated by the junior red cross in America (colorized). Published in The Life magazine in 1946

Image credits: Regidrago7

#52 Press Photographers And Police Snipers Lie Side By Side On A Roof Opposite The Kreditbanken Bank On Norrmalmstorg Square In Stockholm. A Misfired Robbery Turned Into A Six-Day Standoff That Gave Birth To The Phrase “Stockholm Syndrome”, Stockholm, Sweden 1973

Image credits: SteO153

#53 The Undertaker Looks Down At Medical Staff Checking On Mankind After He Fell, Unscripted, Through The Top Of Hell In A Cell Into The Ring 16ft Below. June 28, 1998

Image credits: OGWhiz

#54 Two Students Hanging Out In Their College Dorm Room At The University Of Illinois, 1910

Image credits: baiqibeendeleted28x

#55 1956: Young “Teddy Boys” Somewhere In England

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#56 A Young Barack Obama Spending Time On The Beach With His Grandfather 1963

Image credits: Brucewayneoxycotton

#57 Circus Performer Jimmy Armstrong Having A Smoke Break, 1958

Image credits: greatgildersleeve

#58 Sikh Soldier Of The Indian Red Eagle Division Showing A Captured German Flag After Taking Over Monte Cassino, Italy In May, 1944

Image credits: vanillastrings

#59 Nakano Takeko (Onna-Musha Of The Aizu Domain) In Imperial Japan, She And Other Women Fought In The Battle Of Aizu In October 1868 During The Boshin War, When On October 16th, She Was Killed In Battle By Rifle Shot. Shown In Full Samurai Armour, C. 1860 – 1868

Image credits: _Raven_Roth

#60 Queen Elizabeth; The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret And A Bored Prince Charles Watching The Coronation Ceremony Of Queen Elizabeth II. Westminster Abbey, 1953

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#61 A Firefighter Looks Towards The Heavily Damaged Belgrade’s Tallest Building, Nato Bombing, April 1999

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

#62 An Assembly Worker In Front Of A Weight And Size Model Of The First Soviet Atomic Bomb. Ussr, 1949

Image credits: banzay_33

#63 Simple Bridge Made From Two Chains In China, Circa 1930

Image credits: mikihak

#64 Lyndon B. Johnson Yelling At The Pilots Of A Nearby Plane To Cut Their Engines So That John F. Kennedy Could Speak As Kennedy Is Seen Trying To Calm Him Down. Taken During The 1960 Presidential Campaign In Amarillo, Texas

Image credits: usamiks

#65 An Enthusiast For Men’s Dress Reform Walking Down The Strand In London. The Mdrp (Men’s Dress Reform Party) Was Formed In The Interwar Years In Britain, 1930

Image credits: CosmicFaust11

#66 Listening To Copies Of The Beatles “Rubber Soul” In The Quality Control Room At The Emi Pressing Plant In London, England, 1965

Image credits: ivanov_liga

#67 Photo Of A British Man Wearing A Chain Around The Neck Of Aborigines, Who Are Natives Of Australia. 1900’s

Image credits: Curious_Strike3950

#68 This Boy’s Photo Was Taken In Los Angeles, California, Circa 1920s. A Stately Pose. From My Glass Negative Collection

Image credits: memorylanepr

#69 Soviet Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev Stuck In Space During The Collapse Of The Soviet Union, 1991

Image credits: variablySubmit13

#70 Temporary Nypd Headquarters At A Burger King Near The World Trade Center, September 11, 2001

Image credits: Past-Two342

#71 Nancy Pelosi With U.s President John F. Kennedy, During Kennedy’s Inauguration As President – 1961

Image credits: vaish7848

#72 My Grandfather Interviewing Muhammad Ali In The Weeks After Changing His Name – July 1967

Image credits: visualsbymourad

#73 Johnny Depp Saved The Old Horse Goldeneye From Sleepy Hollow Who Played Crane’s Companion, Gunpowder. The One-Eyed Horse Was Originally Set To Be Euthanised After Production Was Completed. But Depp Stepped In And Adopted Goldeneye After Finishing The Movie – 1999

Image credits: pumpkinmum

#74 Teddy Roosevelt’s 1907 Hunting Guide Ben Lilly

Image credits: L0st_in_the_Stars

#75 German Soldiers March Triumphantly Past The French Wwi Victory Monument In Verdun During The Fall Of France, 1940

Image credits: Zzyzwicz_

#76 Walt Disney With The Original Mickey Mouse Club Lineup. 1955

Image credits: 94MIKE19

#77 1 Of The 11 Surviving Pictures Taken By Life Magazine Photographer Robert Capa On D-Day, June 6, 1944

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#78 Mary Anne Macleod Was A Poor Scottish Immigrant Who Arrived In America In 1930. She Eventually Married An Up-And-Coming Businessman Named Frederick Trump And Became The Mother Of Businessman And Future President. Donald Trump

Image credits: pumpkinmum

#79 Egyptian Men Watch As The Graf Zeppelin Floats Over The Great Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt, While Atop The Great Pyramid Of Khufu. 1931

Image credits: TN_Egyptologist

#80 Cars And Girls, 1942 [colorized]

Image credits: Scientiaetnatura065

#81 Sir Winston Churchill, In 1895, Age 20

Image credits: Thanmarkou

#82 The Liquidators Worked In The Immediate Vicinity Of The Damaged Reactor. Tschernobyl 1986

Image credits: morkaniso

#83 A Boy And His Owl, 1933

Image credits: Pavel-Romanov

#84 An Atlanta Boy’s High School Basketball Player Shooting A Free Throw Against Tech High School In 1921

Image credits: WhenPigsRideCars

#85 Anne Frank And Her Sister Margot At The Beach, Zandvoort – August 1940

Image credits: pumpkinmum

#86 In The 1890s, The Congo State (Controlled By Belgian Settlers) Allowed The Companies To Maneuver Almost Entirely Freely, Which Resulted In Various Atrocities, Including The Amputation Of Hands As Punishment For Those Who Refused To Collect Rubber

Image credits: -_-someone_

#87 My Grandfather. 1933. In A Cornfield He Planted That Was Destroyed By Locusts

Image credits: DigitalMage93

#88 The Scene On The Highway Near Palermo After A Bomb Killed Anti-Mafia Judge Giovanni Falcone, His Wife, And Three Police Escort Agents On 23rd May 1992. The Bombing Was A Terror Attack By The Sicilian Mafia Who Placed 400 Kg Of Explosives Under The Highway (Sicily, Italy 1992)

Image credits: SteO153

#89 Prague Residents Throwing Molotov Cocktails At A Soviet Tank In Prague, August 21, 1968

Image credits: Past-Two342

#90 August 23, 1902, Providence, Rhode Island. U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt Delivers His “Trust Speech” And Warns Of Prosperity Being Concentrated In The Hands Of The Few, Particulary Large Corporations

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#91 Memorial Day 1945: French Teen Helene Chapelle And Her Mother Kneel At The Grave Of James Simonian Who Was Killed During The Normandy Invasion. She Is Reading A Letter From Simonian’s Mother Who Asked That It Be Read At Her Son’s Grave. La Cambe Cemetery, France

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#92 A British Soldier Gives A V-For-Victory Sign To German Prisoners Captured At El Alamein, 26 October 1942

Image credits: Beeninya

#93 Cannabis Rights Activist Ben Masel Smoking A Joint While Voting In The 1976 Presidential Election. Taking Advantage Of An Apparent Law That Prohibits Arrest While Voting

Image credits: greatgildersleeve

#94 [colorized] Three Scout Girls Collect Peach Pits, Which Will Later Be Processed To Make Gas Mask Filters During World War I. Washington, 1917-1918

Image credits: Andymore85

#95 Former President Ronald Reagan Doffs His Baseball Cap, Exposing His Partially Shaved Head

Before the applause of well-wishers who saw him off at the airport in Rochester, Minn., Sept. 15, 1989

Image credits: Same_Tiger_3490


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