This Online Group Is Dedicated To Insane People On Quora Who Asked Crazy Questions (101 pics)

Most of you Pandas should already be familiar with Quora, an extremely popular website where people ask questions and other internet users answer them. To the best of their knowledge, of course. It’s a very social way of getting to the bottom of any queries you might have, as people can comment on answers as well. You end up getting a variety of opinions, some of which you definitely might not have expected to see the light of day.

However, it’s most often the case that the questions themselves are the most intriguing part. Some of them are so out there, so bizarre, they’re likely to stun you with their Twilight Zone aura, making you wonder what timeline you’re in. That’s where the r/InsanePeopleQuora subreddit comes in. It’s an online community that documents the weirdest posts on Quora and other question-based sites. We’ve collected some of their best featured posts to share with you as well, dear Pandas.

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So go on, grab some popcorn, get comfy, and let’s go explore the weird Land of Quora. Don’t forget to upvote the pics that amused you the most. And if you’ve seen any super peculiar Quora questions previously, you can always share them in the comment section for all the other Pandas to see.

I reached out to the subreddit’s moderator team and they were more than happy to talk about the community, its history, and why Quora is so popular. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s full interview with them below.

#1 Stupidity Is Contagious

Image credits: dadjokechampnumber1

#2 All Women Were Lesbian Before The Invention Of Baby Bottles And Formula!

Image credits: MajorBobcat

#3 Uuummmm… What?

Image credits: NightCupcake

The ‘Insane People Quora’ subreddit has been active since June 2018, recently having celebrated its 3rd birthday. During that time, the community has grown to become over 291k members strong. Most redditors visit the group for their daily dose of fringe weirdness that reminds them (and us!) that fact can often be stranger than fiction.

The founder of r/InsanePeopleQuora told Bored Panda that the online group was founded once there was a rise in the number of Quora posts shared on r/insanepeoplefacebook, a “catch-all for social media insanity.” There was a demand for a separate subreddit dedicated exclusively to Quora posts.

#4 Mom Thinks Depression Isn’t Real. Thankfully The Person Who Responded Is Sane

Image credits: IAmBiches

#5 Perfect Relationship Doesn’t Exist

Image credits:

#6 Well Then

Image credits: _W0W_

“I saw a comment suggesting there should be a specific one for Quora as it’s quite different to standard social media (having Q&As only) and decided to make it from there. Getting the first few thousand members took a while with crossposting Quora posts I found to r/insanepeoplefacebook. Some reached the front page of Reddit which is when the sub started seeing a large increase in numbers and became self-sustaining, meaning I didn’t need to post as much to keep the sub going,” the founder shared how the community started to grow.

According to r/InsanePeopleQuora’s mod team, moderating the community is “fairly easy” for the most part. “The main issues we’ve faced is when we became the trending subreddit of the day we got a large number of unique views (~200k which is way more than the hundreds we would’ve been getting at the time) and new members within a few days (I think doubling or tripling our size at the time),” they explained.

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#7 Umm… What? She Wants To Call The Cops On The Person Minding His Own Business In His Own House

Image credits: Phoenix_Gaming1

#8 Don’t Forget The Padded Bra, Champ!

Image credits: meyshi

#9 Okay.. I Feel Bad For His Condition

Image credits: GeekSter_

Politics is almost always a touchy subject. And political discussions on the subreddit are no exception. “The other posts which are difficult are those that bring up political issues. Most of the time this will result in people flinging personal attacks at each other, a large number of bans, and often a locked post. Otherwise, since the number of insane posts on Quora each day is fairly small we tend to only get a few posts a day on most days.”

I was interested to get the subreddit founder’s opinion about why Quora is such a popular platform. In their opinion, it has to do with the site’s ability to adapt. “I think Quora is so popular due to its age and keeping up with the times. Age obviously helps as it takes time to build up a user base, but then you have to do something to maintain that base. For Quora, they’ve added several common social media features such as the ability to upvote questions, comment on questions (as opposed to answering them), and following people for their questions or answers,” they pointed out exactly how the platform has changed with the times.

“I don’t think there’s anything specific that attracts weird questions, I think it’s just because of the popularity of the site, with enough people on there you’re always going to get some strange questions as well as trolls.”

#10 Oof Ow My Privacy

Image credits: armykid910

#11 She Should Be Proud And Supportive

Image credits: Scxllyy

#12 Maybe School Wasn’t A Big Priority For Them?

Image credits: btchassbubble

Quora itself was founded in 2009 by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever and became public a year later, on June 21, 2010. Fast-forwarding to 2020, a whopping 300 million users visited it each month. With that kind of popularity, it’s no wonder that some Quora posts end up being weirder than weird.

There have been some large changes made to how Quora operates this year. On April 19, 2021, the site eliminated the requirement for users to use their real names. That means that users can use pseudonyms of their choice as of that date.

#13 Thiefs These Days

Image credits: forever-taylorgang

#14 Sweet Revenge

Image credits: AndreiDeiu

#15 This Is Incredibly Disgusting, And Also Child Abuse

Image credits: alyssa5100

What’s more, in August, Quora announced that contributors can now monetize their content. A new subscription service called Quora+ was also launched, where subscribers can access all the content that anyone puts behind a paywall. For a small fee, of course.

The r/InsanePeopleQuora subreddit has a few rules for any up-and-coming members of the community. For instance, obviously, all the posts have to be screenshots from Quora, though other question-based sites also allowed. That includes certain subreddits dedicated mainly to questions.

#16 Just Wow

Image credits: tegrat731

#17 Really Dude

Image credits:

#18 Uhhh.. Don’t?

Image credits: gamingunfinished

What’s more, the subreddit’s moderators ask their members not to post any personal information. That means no links to the source material! The mods also frown upon reposts and posts that are obvious satire presented as serious questions (satire needs to be marked as such).

And there you have it. The next time you’re browsing Quora for some educational content, you should keep an eye out for any bizarre posts. We’re sure that the r/InsanePeopleQuora community would be more than happy if you share your finds with them.

#19 How To Make Your Child Grow Up

Image credits: iluvchikins

#20 Classy S*icide

Image credits: Destinyizer

#21 This Person Seems To Be Genuinely Asking, Somehow

Image credits: CelestialMistress15

#22 Does This Mean It’s Over?

Image credits: mcxhale

#23 Okay, Yes But Who’s Bra?

Image credits: 34terite

#24 How Can I Convince Him Otherwise?

Image credits: HumanShapedTip

#25 Not All Racists Are Bad

Image credits: mxgicc

#26 Dave Ramsey Has Entered The Chat

Image credits: BroiledBoatmanship

#27 “Water Privileges”

Image credits: do-not-look-up

#28 They Even Took The Bed

Image credits: jpatel366

#29 Suing Bees Is Logical

Image credits: Bendanarama

#30 Help Me

Image credits: dreamy_child

#31 My Brain Just Hemorrhaged. Ohhhh, Honey–Where To Start With This

Image credits: hurrcutmcguts

#32 No, We Eat Them. A Touch Of Lamb Sauce, Delicious!

Image credits:

#33 Huh

Image credits: day-tripper96

#34 Yeah! You Should Totally Go On The Date And Get This 27 Year Old Man In Potential Danger With The Law!

Image credits: that-girlbin-ur-clas

#35 What Is It With Parents And Their 14 Yr Olds Stuffed Animals

Image credits: CoolMondays

#36 Must Be A Karen

Image credits: ISuckBlackHoles

#37 Yeah Autistic People Everywhere Hate You

Image credits: JustCheezits

#38 Nice

Image credits: MisterMango3

#39 “Why Do Some People Choose To Live In Depression?”

Image credits: techyonchris

#40 Is It ?

Image credits: staralfur01

#41 Why Would You Think This?!!

Image credits: Totallynothedarklord

#42 How To Sober Up Fast

Image credits: collecteclectic

#43 The Horror

Image credits: rishicandoit

#44 Butt Out

Image credits: goldopals

#45 Hypothetically

Image credits: IKnowEveryDigitOfPi

#46 Uh Yes It’s Immoral

Image credits: HippoTown278

#47 Forbidden Keepsake

Image credits:

#48 Jesus Christ

Image credits: ducky124442

#49 It’s All Part Of Putin’s Plan, My Friend

Image credits: jamesalbertgill

#50 He Just A Little Old Fashioned

Image credits: jackeell

#51 Sue Him For Building His House Next To You Too, He Had No Right To Do So!!!!!!

Image credits: IrwinatorSmartAleck

#52 Yes, Why?

Image credits:

#53 What In The Everloving F**k?

Image credits: Elixer28

#54 Entitled Mom Is Mad Her Son Is Racist

Image credits: okbreeze

#55 Masturbation = Bodily Abuse

Image credits: ItsyaJP

#56 Midgets

Image credits: arnold_5404_fan

#57 This Kids Life Sounds Horrible

Image credits:

#58 Wait, What?

Image credits: CeltyPlays

#59 Boy. I Wonder Why He Stopped Cutting Their Hair

Image credits: Joshhart916

#60 We Get It. You Hate Millennials

Image credits: Scxllyy

#61 Is It Too Bad For A 4 Years Old?

Image credits:

#62 Beards

Image credits: MorpyBum

#63 I Just Really Hope This Man Is A Writer

Image credits: DesPaSooTi

#64 How To Hold A Pigeon

Image credits: collecteclectic

#65 I’m Surprised He’s Had No Success

Image credits:

#66 I Think He Should Do It To Prove His Love

Image credits: orchideaniger

#67 ???

Image credits: hella_cious

#68 Psycho Parent

Image credits: PissOnMyFacePLZ

#69 Insane

Image credits: tamar69

#70 Few Games Have Satanic Orgins

Image credits: charles-de_gaulle

#71 I’m Sorry Little One

Image credits: pm_me_boobs__plz

#72 Ruff

Image credits: ProlapsedButt

#73 Oh No, Not His Real Age!

Image credits: gryan77802

#74 Love The Racism

Image credits: Z_nan

#75 What The Stuff?

Image credits: throwawaydashaway

#76 Why Would You Need To Know This

Image credits: flaminghotdex

#77 Delete Your Account

Image credits: btchy_barbie

#78 How Dare He Love His Daughter?!?!?

Image credits: TDMdan6

#79 Why Do People Like This Exist?

Image credits: PissOnMyFacePLZ

#80 How To Stop A Wedding

Image credits: collecteclectic

#81 Knock Knock

Image credits: CeltyPlays

#82 And The Mother Of The Year Award Goes To

Image credits: Tns029

#83 Typical Karen

Image credits: OhYeahV0rtex

#84 Wtf

Image credits: ducky124442

#85 Poor Kid

Image credits: ToobularBoobularJoy_

#86 I Don’t Know. Maybe Not

Image credits:

#87 You Can Assume She Needs New Pants

Image credits: ArmanWantsToKillTime

#88 Karen Alert

Image credits: XP_Studios

#89 I Wonder Why

Image credits: BigButterChicken

#90 Is This Insecurity?

Image credits: nothinXperson

#91 Using Diapers On Teens

Image credits: Jman269

#92 That’s Not Nice

Image credits: its_reddit_user

#93 Insanity

Image credits:

#94 How Do I Get A Gay Guy Off If I’m A Female?

Image credits: PureOkra1

#95 She’s A Terrible Employee, No S**t Sherlock

Image credits: absolutelycurtainss

#96 Is It Insane Or Poor Judgement To Want To Pursue This Girl?

Image credits: WhyQuoran

#97 A Karen Probably Wrote This

Image credits: HU11ER

#98 A Public Execution

Image credits: CrippledCrevice

#99 His Sins Shall Not Go Unpunished

Image credits: SwagDragon76

#100 John, You’re Not Being Paid. Go Home!

Image credits: Mother-Mars

#101 Next Big Youtuber Is On His Way To Success

Image credits: clauboss3000


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