This Online Group Is Dedicated To Sharing Anything Related To Norway And Here Are 73 Of The Funniest Pics

Welcome to the far Nordic country known for its delicious salmon, northern lights and some of the happiest people on Earth. The chances are, as an American, you haven’t heard much about Norway, and we’re about to change that.

This corner of Reddit titled “Norway” is a perfect place to get to know this incredibly beautiful and intriguing country a little bit better. With 286k members, the community is dedicated to sharing pictures of anything Norway-related, from culture to nature, from memes to Nordic jokes.

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Below we wrapped up some of the most interesting pics that shed a light on what life in Norway is like.

#1 Walking My Dogs This Morning

Image credits: PlinketyPlinkaPlink

#2 Elsker Dere Alle

Image credits: WingsOvSorrow

#3 Anyway

Image credits: Gypsy-Jesus

#4 Highspeed Car Chase Through The Streets Of Norway

Image credits: mnatas

#5 No Lies Detected

Image credits: Scandinaaier

#6 How Does Norway Get Away With Selling Canned Children?

Image credits: patbirgan

#7 Narth Dall Yun Juh

Image credits: magicwolfdog

#8 The American Dream

Image credits: SadFrodo401

#9 The Ratio Don’t Lie

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Image credits: Tobbi1108

#10 Only In Italy

Image credits: TheGuySwag

#11 A Village In Norway

Image credits: JPPT1974

#12 Happy Winter Solstice!

Image credits:

#13 Every Year Norway Sends A Christmas Tree To The UK To Thank Britain For Its Support During The Second World War. What Did We Do To Anger You Guys This Year?

Image credits: danbarker

#14 Me Going Through This Sub Because I Want To Learn Norwegian And Live In Norway Someday

Image credits: TheUndeadPumpkin

#15 Norway Number 1

Image credits: steveheadbaker

#16 Tom Cruise Enjoying Norwegian Nature

Image credits: notajock

#17 Aalesund, Norway

Image credits: OreoPredator

#18 Its All Norway

Image credits: Mitrax27

#19 Getting Started With Norwegian

Image credits: paaland

#20 I Can’t Believe It

Image credits:

#21 World’s Largest Ginger Bread Town, Bergen, Norway

Image credits: Veumargardr

#22 I’m On A Road Trip, Loving It, But The Speed Limits Make Absolutely No Sense To Me

Image credits: LRAbbade

#23 Take It From Loen Skylift

Image credits: UAE_Sniper

#24 Very Important Advice For Visitors

Image credits: jonasali

#25 Ok, Men Hva I Helvete Skjedde Egentlig? (Hej Från Sverige)

Image credits:

#26 Pertains To The Language

Image credits: bishybishhh

#27 When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forgot To Close The Window To The Home Office

Image credits: ahmtslmz

#28 Når UK Er Ut Etter Leiren Din

Image credits: steveheadbaker

#29 18th Century Built, Hattfjelldal Municipality In Norland, Norway, One Of The Oldest Buildings!

Image credits: JPPT1974

#30 Borgund Stav Church, Norway

Image credits: Kanongamla

#31 Small Norwegian Villages Are Always So Eerie. (Skånevik)

Image credits: Dj_Lil_PastaYT

#32 Odda, Norway

Image credits: AlBalts

#33 Saw This On R/Sweden, Thought It Would Fit Here Too

Image credits: noobcorni

#34 Why Is Norway So Good At Winter Olympics?

Image credits: VariationLost3244

#35 Norway Here I Come!!

Image credits: SadFrodo401

#36 Norway – Here I Come!

Image credits: Spisepinne

#37 Religiosity At An All Time Low In Norway

Image credits: nilsp123


Image credits: bishybishhh

#39 This Country Is Safe

Image credits: FellowOfHorses

#40 My Girlfriend’s Family Is Norwegian And Her Mom Recently Went There For A Wedding. Your Chocolate Is No Joke, Folks

Image credits: TangoLikeRex

#41 The American Education System Strikes Again!

Image credits: ALevel85Jew

#42 Grew Up In Sweden And Didn’t Know That Views Like These Existed Right Next Door

Image credits: neggt

#43 What Ever Makes You Happy Man

Image credits: Gypsy-Jesus

#44 99%

Image credits: Stoffen22

#45 Helt Nøyaktig

Image credits: OptioMkIX

#46 King Of Norway

Image credits: NorwegianHistorian

#47 During Our Army Patrol We Came Across This Mf

Image credits: TheEmpireLifts

#48 We Are Just A Different Breed In Olympics

Image credits: Hyliaforce

#49 It’s Facts

Image credits: kingpr1ck

#50 ??‍♀️

Image credits: sh2os

#51 I Hope Ww3 Does Not Happen

Image credits: Movie_Advance_101

#52 Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant, Islamophobic Mp To Sit Next To The First Mp With Hijab For The Next Four Years

Image credits: Sky_Office

#53 A Large Acrylic Painting I Made Of Lille Øvregaten In Bergen During The Pandemic Lockdowns

Image credits: sequoiakelley

#54 Finally Finished 4 Months After Moving Here

Image credits: nicoletaleta

#55 Det Finnes Alltid Bare En Vinner

Image credits: Henrik1704

#56 They’re So Beautiful! I Want To Take Them Home

Image credits: MidnightWolf_89

#57 Many Foreigners Don’t Know That Tap Water In Norway Is Great. Most Places It’s Better Than Bottle Water. It’s Literally Spring Water Many Places. It’s Not Something We Talk About, We Take It For Granted. Just Want To Inform About That Amazing Thing In Norway

Image credits: per167

#58 That Is What I Eat All Day Tho

Image credits: THEBEST7192

#59 Tough Challenge

Image credits: FutureYesterday1950

#60 People In Bergen Celebrating That It’s Not Raining For One Day

Image credits: Mrtenz

#61 Norwegian Letters

Image credits: xTrollhunter

#62 Look Out For Us

Image credits: sillychillly

#63 Parents Went To The States And Saw This Advertisement For Hurtigruten. I Suspect No Norwegians Were Consulted In The Creation Process…

Image credits: soltheawesome

#64 Want To Know How Much Norwegians Love Taco? So Much Its A Aisle Just For Tacos In Every Grocery Store

Image credits: Newbzforrealz

#65 I’m From The U.s, Can You Guys Verify This?

Image credits:

#66 How You Can Tell It Is Friday In Norway

Image credits: rharpr

#67 Confederate

Image credits: NulloK

#68 Norwegian Sweets Have…[breasts]

Image credits: th4tus3rn4m3ist4k3n1

#69 This Is What It Feels Like As An American Who Has Spent Time In Norway

Image credits: RomneysBainer

#70 Why Doesn’t Kentucky Fried Chicken Want Us?

Image credits: Movie_Advance_101

#71 Thank The Lord For Kristen Gislefoss

Image credits: HspeauX

#72 Mythical Beasts Of Scandinavia

Image credits: NeilParkinsonMakes

#73 Cruise Tourists

Image credits: mernt97


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