This Online Group Is “Dedicated To Stupid Posts”, And Here Are 50 Of The Funniest Ones

Everyone has their fleeting moments of stupidity. From saying something utterly dense to making complete fools of ourselves in public, we humans are seemingly hardwired to do dumb things every now and then. But even though deep down no one wants to look like a clown, some people seem to be on a quest to declare their lack of brain cells on social media. Where there’s a potential for thousands of people to see it.

And as they say, once on the internet, always on the internet. So allow us to introduce you to one corner on Reddit called ‘Stupid People on Facebook’. This online community with just over 24k members is dedicated to the most ignorant posts shared on the platform, and they have plenty of examples as proof.

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If you have ever clicked “share” on a post that left you with a lingering sense of regret, then this list might set you free. Below, we have wrapped up a collection of some of the best entries from the community. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride into the land of infinite human idiocy. Keep reading to also find our in-depth interview with communication expert, researcher and lecturer Dr. Paul Reilly. Then be sure to upvote your favorite images, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 Wtf Is This First Woman’s Logic???

Image credits: Zanvure

#2 This Isn’t Your Everyday Stupid!

Image credits: Daisys87

#3 Bruh

Image credits: hyltonthebassist

Chances are, you’ve made at least one post on social media that makes you look back on it with a burning sense of facepalm. Well, if you can relate, then you’re in good company. According to a YouGov Omnibus survey, over half of American social media users reported posting or texting something they regret afterward. One in six regularly rue their decision to post at least once a week, with Millennials being the most common offenders.

The participants who admitted making mistakes on social media in the past said they are less anxious about sounding silly online compared to two years ago. They are much more worried, however, about damaging their reputation at work — 22 percent surveyed said they are concerned their questionable actions might negatively affect their careers.

Moreover, the survey revealed that 14 percent feared that sharing misguided images or messages online may hurt their relationships with loved ones. Women were more likely to fret about social media blunders damaging their relationships than men. And interestingly, when it comes to the time and place these mistakes occur, they usually happen at home, late at night when tired, or after having a few drinks.

#4 Wrong Interpretation Of This Image Is Just The Top Of The Stupidity Iceberg

Image credits: HorodenkaBall

#5 Hmmmm

Image credits: ats0up

#6 Everybody’s Thoughts?

Image credits: beeb14

But the truth is that most of us see social media as the perfect outlet to share views and vent about politics, religion, culture, and sports, among other things. By doing so, we sometimes forget that it’s also notorious for immortalizing our silly wisdom and ensuring it comes back to haunt us. To gain insight from an expert in the field, we reached out to Dr. Paul Reilly, senior lecturer in communications, media and democracy in the School of Social & Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow, UK.

When asked why social media users often share their thoughts without thinking twice, Dr. Reilly explained the design of online platforms encourages instant responses and reactions. “The stories, images and posts that feature prominently in our social media timelines are often the most likely to elicit emotional responses from us.”

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“The ‘publish then filter’ model of these sites also means our opinions are published immediately with no cooling off period for us to consider whether we want to post them or not,” he added.

#7 Facebook Never Ceases To Amaze

Image credits: MicrowavedPlatypus

#8 But How????

Image credits: geep4sale

#9 Old

Image credits: monsebrak

Typing a few sentences and pressing “share” may seem like a great idea when you’re flooded with emotions. But in reality, we all need to be more aware of the fact that anything we say online has the potential to last, dare we say it, forever. Embarrassing photos, ill-timed jokes, drunken messages, and hot takes that age so badly, they turn sour — the internet is known to save things you didn’t want to be saved in the first place.

#10 Dumbest Indeed

Image credits: Lucky_Inside

#11 I Have No Words

Image credits: Mysterious_Button270

#12 Obese Is A Slur Now

Image credits: OzzyTheChamp

When asked whether our online contributions always become permanent, Dr. Reilly told us, “Yes and No. It’s true that social media posts are no longer your property when you share them publicly, or even privately given that they can be shared by others. Even on encrypted apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat, people can take screenshots of content deleted by others and share them later.”

“However, there needs to be a motivation for someone to do this,” he continued. “This is why we see so many politicians being shamed for historic (and often deleted) social media posts. The consequences can be severe, ranging from embarrassment, reputational harm, people losing jobs and even worse.” Especially because sometimes, digital content can be made permanent in ways we never imagined. The posts can be changed, modified, or altered into something completely different from what they originally intended to be.

#13 Next She’ll Tell Him It’s Not A Real Planet

Image credits: Shenko-wolf

#14 Mic Dropped

Image credits: downwithfate

#15 This Is Why A Majority Of People Shouldn’t Vote

Image credits: Queenskitz420

According to Dr. Reilly, this can even lead to the spread of fake news and false information. “This is why you will see people getting prompts asking them to read before they share content on sites like Twitter.”

“People should ideally verify the information before they share it, but many don’t,” he said. “However, it should also be noted that people are better at detecting ‘fake news’ and disinformation than they are often given credit for.”

#16 Just Gonna Leave This Here

Image credits: sam6054

#17 Opinions?

Image credits: cardbord_spaceship

#18 Check Out This Gem

Image credits: Ruby_OnTheBeach

A recent study entitled “The Ability to ‘Distill the Truth'” conducted an experiment to see Americans’ ability to evaluate the accuracy of news items. The researchers asked participants to read a series of short news stories on various topics — half consisted of accurate information, and the other half contained incorrect and downright false information.

“On average, participants in our experiments provided the correct evaluation of veracity only in 62% of the news stories they saw, and only 14% of subjects were able to discern the veracity of information in at least 80% of the news stories,” Alberto Cardaci, co-author of the study and Assistant Professor of Economics at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, wrote.

#19 Somone Complained About The Format So Reuploaded Thanks For The Award On The Last Post

Image credits: ZeeIsTheRealMe

#20 Denise Might Also Not Understand English

Image credits: beemovie-bestmovie

#21 I Wonder What This Person Thinks The Word “Heterosexual” Means?

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Cardaci stated that a simple intervention — asking people to think about the accuracy of the story they read before sharing it — can increase the quality of what people share online. So the researchers randomly selected half of the participants and told them which news stories they identified as accurate were, in fact, false. “We found that subjects who received this informative feedback increased their awareness of the problems related to misinformation and showed a greater desire to act against the risk of being affected by it,” he explained.

#22 She (Red) Commented This On A Post About 2 Year Old Girl Currently Dying Of A Super Rare Cancer

Image credits: MasterBiscuit8008

#23 I Mean…. They Tried

Image credits: Stupidthingiguess

#24 United States Of Africa

Image credits: gustix

So even when we can essentially say whatever we want online — whether it’s objectively true or not — and not really have very serious consequences for it, we should all strive to make social media a better place. “Read the story before you share it. Satisfy yourself that it is based on an authoritative source. If it makes you feel an extreme emotion then be wary — this is often a sign that it is disinformation designed to polarize audiences,” Dr. Reilly concluded.

#25 Antivax Mom And Her Kid Almost Die

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#26 Proud Racist

Image credits: Nostalgic_Emperor

#27 Who’s Gonna Explain To Her How Chlamydia Works?

Image credits: shibiwan

#28 *face Palm*

Image credits: Memoww666

#29 Ummm, I’m Pretty Sure You Can

Image credits: BrittanyBallistic

#30 Found It On A Friends Story

Image credits: spicy-avacado

#31 I’d Like To See Them Try

Image credits: Emptyjames

#32 …. I Have No Words Rn

Image credits: TheFearlessGod

#33 “Pet Free Rug” For Sale

Image credits: ilh6797

#34 Xbox For Sale

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#35 People Who Don’t Know What Notre Dame Is

Image credits: Statsomatic

#36 The Governor Of Hawaii Wants Tourists To Stay Away Due The Strain On The Island’s Health System

Image credits: Ragarianok

#37 Scrolling Through Facebook And I Couldn’t Believe What I Saw

Image credits: cjen10

#38 Found This Gem On A Video About A Popular Youtuber’s Brother Suffering From Cancer

Image credits: meoimeoimeoi

#39 An Elite Conspiracist

Image credits: fatpengo

#40 Oh Yeah Man?

Image credits: SwaggerMcPapi

#41 That Do Not Make Sense

Image credits: Draqqazoid

#42 Acktually

Image credits: hellogoawaynow

#43 Karen Thinks The Bruh Apple Is Satanic Imagery

Image credits: fmjoe2022

#44 By This Logic, Trump Isn’t President

Image credits: ShahrumSmith

#45 At Least He’s Honest About What He’s Selling?

Image credits: rjoyfult

#46 Muslims Worship… A Fabric

Image credits: Vharlkie

#47 “Georgia Isn’t A Country”

Image credits: ZaheerUchiha

#48 Is A Male A Boy Or A Girl?

Image credits: CMjunk87

#49 Natzi Insignia???

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#50 I Can’t Believe I Found A Flat Earther On My News Feed

Image credits: D-May


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