This Online Group Is Dedicated To The Most “Chaotic Good” Actions People Have Seen (52 New Pics)

We’ve all heard the age-old question: are humans inherently good or bad? That debate may never be settled, but there’s no denying the incredible acts of kindness happening all around us.

And some take it to a whole new level! Over on the subreddit r/chaoticgood, as the name suggests, users share good deeds done in playful, often unexpected ways. Think funny notes left in library books or flowers planted secretly in neglected park corners.

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Below, you’ll find more of these wholesome moments and a chat with Brooke Tansley, author of Small Good Things.

#1 Hahaha

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Even though the term ‘chaotic good’ implies not sticking to societal norms, the subreddit emphasizes that there are boundaries which need to be respected.

The mods, who oversee a community of 331K members, say that rule breaking should be achieved without cruelty or intimidation. By their definition, embracing chaotic good means valuing not just your own freedom and welfare, but everyone else’s.

#2 Desantis Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

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Goodness can be a transformative experience. Brooke Tansley, known for her roles as a TV & film producer, actress, and entrepreneur, told Bored Panda that kindness turned her life around.

“I was feeling like I was in a sad funk and I didn’t really know how to snap out of it. I woke up in the middle of the night remembering that it feels good to do good things for other people,” she shared. So, she thought about her next move.

At first, Brooke considered diving into a volunteering project, but with work and two little kids, she knew it’d be tough to maintain. Instead, she went for a more manageable approach: practicing small acts of kindness.

#3 Me_irl

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#4 Vandalism For Humanity

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To spread positivity, Brooke Tansley does several things. “I made a New Year’s resolution to always tell someone when I think a nice thought about them,” she recounted.

As a former Broadway star, she takes advantage of her talent: “Sometimes I’ll record myself singing a song with the voice memo app in my phone and send it to someone if I think it would speak to them.”

#5 Can We Take A Minute To Appreciate This Kind Of Business Owner?

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#6 Joining A Racist Fb Group To Out The Racists

Image credits: NYR525

“I like to offer to help people with tasks that are either boring, difficult, or gross because it can feel like a special expression of love for someone when you volunteer to do something with them that isn’t fun. You can make it fun just by being there and helping,” Brooke added.

#7 Flying An Ukrainian Flag Is The Cherry On Top

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#8 Life Of A Chad Photographer

Image credits: radicalplacement

#9 Screw Over Karen, Help The Kid

Image credits: LorianneCyanide

Wanting to inspire others to brighten their lives in a simple way, Tansley created the Small Good Things journal. She encourages readers to do one good thing each day for yourself or someone else, write it down and reflect on it.

#10 Not Looking For A Job, But…

Image credits: bearjew64

#11 Someone Crashed The Tennessee Pastor’s Book Burning Pogrom

Image credits: ArtiisticRain

#12 A Way To Fool Antivaxxers To Get Dosed And A Spicy Butthole

Image credits: riKidna

Occasionally, Brooke gets creative and channels chaotic good, just like the users of the subreddit. She once made business cards with a drawing of a snail that said, “This is the Happiness Snail just wishing you happiness!” Another time, she printed a set of cards with the message “I hope you eat something yummy today!”

#13 She’s A Champ

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#14 Antiwork Successfully Crashed Kellogg’s Scab Application Site!

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#15 Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

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Tansley also took part in organizing a flash mob marriage proposal for a friend, involving choreographed dance videos. “Around 70 people and one dog traveled from lots of different places to do this, […] and she said yes!”

#16 A Very Effective Method Indeed

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#17 Giving To The Homeless!

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#18 This Is Genius

Image credits: ReliablyDefiant

Brooke believes that kindness can greatly improve mental health, and science supports this. In one study, participants who performed multiple good deeds for seven consecutive days reported increased happiness. Another study found that people who regularly helped others felt more confident, capable, and fulfilled.

#19 ??????

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#20 Community Are Those Who Love You

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#21 On The House

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The warm feeling that appears when you do something nice for someone is often called the ‘helper’s high’, a concept coined by Allan Luks in the ’80s. It suggests that being generous and selfless not only feels rewarding but also promotes longevity and resilience.

#22 When Your Dr*g Dealer Is Worried About You

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#23 A True Master Of Chaotic Good

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#24 I’m Sure This Fits

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Caring about others influences physical well-being, too. Research shows compassion lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension. Moreover, kind actions release endorphins and oxytocin, and create new neural connections in the brain.

#25 I Know It Is Satire, But I Love The Energy

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#26 Good Job

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#27 Sold!

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So, why not sprinkle a little kindness into your day? Remember, it doesn’t have to be extravagant; even a simple gesture is enough to make a change.

#28 Drown Those N*zis Out!

Image credits: ABoringAlt

#29 Anonymous Hackers Now Targeting Russian Websites In Retaliation For The Ukraine Invasion

Image credits: YourAnonTV

#30 Guys, It’s Back Up!

Image credits: Not_Henry_Winkler

#31 Car Thief vs. Negligent Mum

Image credits: rogelionumero3

#32 Chaos In The Courts

Image credits: WhatsWhoWithYou

#33 The Definition Of Chaotic Good

Image credits: c0wbitch

#34 Ralph The Ta

Image credits: NErDysprosium

#35 New Property Owners Evict 150 Low Income Families For Xmas And A Long-Time Resident Puts Them On Blast Big Time

Image credits: AcesFullMoon64

#36 The Gæs Shall Prevail

Image credits: NicIsMyDamnName

#37 At Least He Had Good Intentions

Image credits: ElisaStoneLeahy

#38 For The Environment

Image credits: TennisCrabs

#39 Fake Free WiFi For Good

Image credits: fesshole

#40 Just To Get People’s Imaginations Going…heh Heh Heh

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#41 Nft

Image credits: CyberPunkette

#42 Chaotic Good Masquerading As Lawful Evil

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#43 Chaotic Good Stealing

Image credits: kotysamile11

#44 Hostile Pedestrianism

Image credits: Banankartong

#45 Chaotic Good Ransomware

Image credits: i_am_somewhat_alive

#46 Madlad

Image credits: Serious-Ad-8168

#47 That’s One Way To Protest A Stupid Law

Image credits: CNLiberalism

#48 Join Me And Save The Planet

Image credits: eric_forplay

#49 Game Dev Reveals “Future Of Gaming” Presentation Is Actually Anti-Nft Presentation, At Event With Several Crypto Sponsors

Image credits: Zanreo

#50 Bench At A Bus Stop

Image credits: [deleted]

#51 One Of Those Things I Hope Is Real

Image credits: FusionApple

#52 Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

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