This Online Group Is Obsessed With Corgis, Here Are 124 Of Its Most Adorable Posts

Of all of the dog breeds the internet is obsessed with, corgis have to be close to the top of the list. Their stubby little legs, their fluffy fur, their perky ears, their huge, round eyes, the way they waddle, and their inviting smiles… Corgis are undeniably adorable.

Even Queen Elizabeth II was a fan, as she owned over 30 of them throughout her lifetime. I can’t help but squeal when I see a corgi making it’s towards me on the street, but we aren’t all lucky enough to have a real-world corgi sighting every day. So to help all of you pandas get your daily dose of corgi cuteness, we’ve gathered some of the most precious pics from the Corgi Subreddit down below.

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Be sure to upvote all of the photos that give you serious corgi fever, and let us know in the comments what you love most about this adorable breed. Then, if you’re in need of yet another corgi fix, we recommend you check out this adorable Bored Panda article next.

#1 Took Maurice To The Pumpkin Patch Today. I Think He Liked It

Image credits: sccr24

When people are looking to expand their families and welcome a fur baby into the mix, corgis are an extremely popular choice. And while they may not be the number one most popular dog breed, they’re making their way up the ranks. In 2020, corgis jumped into the top 10 most popular breeds in the United States for the first time. And according to Brad Hunter, the American Kennel Club’s vice president of public relations and communications, social media and TV shows might be behind corgis’ rise in popularity.

“I think they got a lot of exposure from pop culture, especially on social media,” Hunter told CNN. “There’s a lot of accounts that are dedicated to corgis. You get to see them in ‘The Crown,’ but they’re also really great dogs. They are a lot of dog in a little package. They’re very adaptable, very smart and people tend to really fall in love with them.”

#2 Most Boopable Snout Ever

Image credits:

#3 If She Fits, She Sleeps

Image credits: chx_

While corgis have recently secured their spot as one of the most popular dog breeds, they have been around the block for quite some time. According to the American Kennel Club, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s ancestry dates back to the 10th century. It is not known whether they descended from Swedish Vallhunds that Vikings may have brought to Pemrokeshire or if they came from the ancestors of modern-day Schipperkes and Pomeranians that were brought to Wales by Flemish weavers. But one thing is for sure, these doggos have been waddling around for centuries. 

They have been beloved dogs for most of that time as well. Welsh legend has it that Pembroke Welsh Corgis are enchanted dogs that were used by fairies and elves to pull fairy coaches, work fairy cattle and serve as steeds for fairy warriors. “Even today, those people with keen eyes and understanding hearts may see the marks of the ‘fairy saddle’ in the coat over the shoulders,” the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America writes on their site.

#4 This Photo Has Been Stolen By Other Sites Without Permission, So I Thought I’d Post Tucker’s Butt On Reddit First

Image credits: mswhateven

#5 It’s Our Engagement Photo But Luna Kind Of Stole The Show. Not Even Mad

Image credits: ZOMGSquirrelz

#6 Little Puppy

Image credits: J-Nono

Whether or not corgis were herding fairy cattle in Wales, there is no question that they are great herding dogs today. They may be small, but they’re certainly mighty. Corgis are world-class herders, as many of them are responsible for guarding farms and even compete in AKC herding competitions.

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While Pembroke Welsh Corgis are usually what people are imagining when they mention “corgis”, there are actually two distinct breeds of corgis that are recognized by the American Kennel Club. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi may be slightly less popular, but they’re still adorable. They have longer tails than their counterparts, longer bodies and more rounded ears. And while you may see them less often, they are just as lovable as Pembrokes. 

#7 My Wife Rescued A Corgi 2months Ago, Now She’s Becoming A Happy And Lovely Girl!

Image credits: boomer_lt

#8 Corgi Eats It’s Own Hecking Brother

Image credits: DarkLazer215

#9 Proud Papa Corgi

Image credits: zoom863

If you’re looking for a companion who will be easy to train and who will get along well with your small children, look no further than the corgi. Pembrokes are actually known as the most agreeable of all small dogs, and they are known for being any owner’s best friend. They are smart, hardworking, enthusiastic and great at competing in sports such as agility, herding, conformation, obedience and more. They’re also quite playful, as they often tire themselves out by engaging in “frapping”, or what you may refer to as “zoomies”. Corgis love to run around, sometimes in circles or from room to room, to have a bit of fun and release all of their excess energy.    

#10 When You Find Out You’re Going To The Vet

Image credits: fab1000

#11 His First Trip To The Vet!

Image credits: usafa2014

#12 Irma Lost All Her Puppies At Birth So The Owners Found Her A Kitten To Raise And She Is In Love

Image credits: TresidentPrump

It’s always important to know what you’re getting yourself into before welcoming a new pet into the family, so if you’re in the market for a corgi, there are a few things you might want to know ahead of time. According to The Smart Canine, prospective corgi owners should be aware that these dogs are quite vocal. Apparently, their barks are much louder than you would expect out of such a tiny adorable doggo, and they bark to communicate all sorts of things: hunger, excitement, when they’re upset, etc. They also tend to bark unnecessarily when they hear the slightest thing that alerts them, such as a squirrel running through the backyard. So if you’re sensitive to loud noise, corgis might not be for you.  

#13 Proud Corgi With Her Litter Of 15 Puppies!

Image credits: ElCapitanBeans

#14 Biscuit And Gravy, With A Side Of Waffle

Image credits: DkS_FIJI

#15 When You Accidentally Turn On The Front-Facing Camera, But It’s Ok Because You’re Adorable, Just A Little Surprised

Image credits: whisk_kid

Corgis also need a surprising amount of exercise for being such a small dog. They’re a high energy breed, and every full-grown adult corgi requires about 1 hour of exercise every day to stay happy and healthy. It is in their nature to herd sheep and cattle, so they are used to running around quite a bit. And if they don’t have the opportunity to run off some steam, they will be more likely to exhibit destructive behavior, such as chewing up shoes and clawing at furniture. If you’re not prepared to give your corgi many opportunities to run around, it might not be the right time to adopt one.  

#16 Goooooooodmorning From Waffles

Image credits:

#17 Blitzen Is No Longer With Us, But We Had A Lot Of Fun In His Life. He Was Lt Dan For Halloween In His Wheelchair!

Image credits: corgipantz

#18 This Cures My Sadness

Image credits:

While corgis have ample energy to be running around, it’s best to limit how often they are jumping. It’s fine for them to jump while playing at the park, The Smart Canine explains, but try to keep them from jumping on and off furniture and other high places. Their hips and spines are prone to developing issues such as disc disease and canine hip dysplasia due to their long torsos and short legs. Dachshunds also commonly have the same issues. If you’re going to get a corgi as your next fur baby, it might be wise to get little doggy ramps if you allow them onto furniture like your bed or the sofa.  

#19 This Ridiculously Photogenic Corgi

Image credits:

#20 Miso Is Cancer Free!

Image credits: Dontblinkdoc

#21 My Girlfriend’s Cousin’s Corgi Is Literally A Mammoth

Image credits: awoolman13

We hope you’re enjoying these adorable photos of one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world. Keep upvoting your favorite fluffy corgis, and feel free to share in the comments what you love most about these little herding dogs. Then if you’re looking for even more corgi content, be sure to check out this Bored Panda article next. 

#22 My 5 Month Old Puppy Practically Has Tree Trunks For Stumps

Image credits: raisuchan

#23 Smol Corgi With His Plushie

Image credits: deaadstar

#24 My Beautiful Girl On Her Steak Day. She’s 11 Years Young And Still Climbing Mountains

Image credits: shenuhcide

#25 Caught My Corgi Pup Trying To Eat A Dandelion

Image credits: afrikinboulos

#26 Dread It. Run From It. Archie Arrives All The Same

Image credits: JonesyOC

#27 If I Knew A Friend Would Make Him This Happy, I Would’ve Bought The Entire Litter

Image credits: dances-with-corgis

#28 Every Morning I Wake Up To My Soulmate’s Face

Image credits: SirGrumpfenstein

#29 Yesterday I Posted About Jack Being Grumpy About The New Puppy… Today Is Better

Image credits: saint-frankie

#30 That’s A Weird Looking Log

Image credits: JWeroff

#31 Overheard At The Park: “She’s 16 Years Old And Her Legs Don’t Work So Well Anymore, But She Still Loves Meeting New People”

Image credits: ggisthebest

#32 That’s Not A Kiss

Image credits: nassunnova

#33 Rescued Senior Corgi – Weight Loss Progress

Image credits: gimbb14

#34 Meet Tucker, My Ptsd Service Dog And Best Friend

Image credits: belleandherbeast

#35 Pancake Isn’t The Easiest Pup To Take Pictures With

Image credits: twonkoe

#36 Smiles Coming Home After Hurricane Harvey

Image credits: SlimThick14

#37 Ted’s Before And After Of His First “Hike”

Image credits:

#38 Said Goodbye To Rosie Today. This Portrait Is One Of My Favorite Photos Of Her. It Really Shows Off Her Beautiful Smile

Image credits: Holy_Shit_Snacks

#39 We Somehow Found Nebbi’s Brother Ned On Instagram, And Finally Reunited At A Corgi Meet Up Today

Image credits: woodenspoonboy

#40 He Didn’t Get Any Of Our Food, And He Is Being Really Dramatic About It

Image credits: haugisen

#41 On Lazy Days, My Corgi Reluctantly Follows Me Around The House, Dramatically Flopping Behind Me In Each Room

Image credits: ShirleyFunke482

#42 Upward Dog

Image credits: nassunnova

#43 When Mom And Dad Take You To The Dog Park For The First Time

Image credits: bakedbykate

#44 He Gets His Bedtime Treat At 9:30pm. It Is Now 9:35pm And He Is Worried That I Have Forgotten

Image credits: Mark_Hamill

#45 A New Master

Image credits: ShaneH7646

#46 First Bath = Skinny Fluff

Image credits: AMostBefuddlingThing

#47 I Call This One, Blue Steel

Image credits: snowhawk878

#48 The Day We Picked Up Our Burnt Little Loaf

Image credits: fergusondeere85540

#49 I Met A Corgi For The First Time And It Went So Much Better Than Expected

Image credits: hellabathwater

#50 Looking Majestic, As Always

Image credits: RainyDayNinja

#51 Before/After Being Told You’re A Good Corg

Image credits: DonutPlains

#52 Parks & Rec And Double Sploot

Image credits: candeez

#53 I Think He’s Broken

Image credits: Miss-ink

#54 Look Who Came Home With Us Today! 8 1/2 Week Old Cooper

Image credits: sammisamantha

#55 Can’t Decide Which Way To Hold My Phone To Look At These Two

Image credits: raisuchan

#56 Corgi Puppy Gets Tired Of Walking

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#57 When You Give Your Corgi ??

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#58 Corgi Puppy In A Shopping Cart

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#59 This Is How Gaston Says He’s Done With His Walk

Image credits: JeremiahGottwald

#60 First Visit To The Vet

Image credits: Shang029

#61 Walked Into The Liquor Store And Saw This And It’s Everything

Image credits: PressyWessy

#62 This Is Poppy, Age 4, And This Is Her Seat In The Car

Image credits: mike_gweeton

#63 First Meeting With Pumpernickel

Image credits:

#64 My Mom Works At An Animal Hospital; This Was One Of Her Clients Today

Image credits: Patch0uliprincess

#65 Dat Corgi Smile

Image credits:

#66 This Little Guy Just Turned 9. Decided To Break The Camera Out For A Portrait

Image credits: Porsche912

#67 My Life Changed A Whole Lot Yesterday. Meet My Bff, Ted

Image credits:

#68 Covered In Corgi Puppies!

Image credits: clap4kyle

#69 Good Boy

Image credits: preselectlee

#70 Just Welcomed Greg To The Family A Few Days Ago! It Was -35 Degrees With Windchill So He Was Very Content In His Sweater

Image credits: ericdz5

#71 My 17 Year Old Corgi Passed Away Last Year And I Decided It Was Finally Time To Have Another One In My Life. This Is Toast And She’s The Sweetest Girl In The World!

Image credits: BirdGirlJr

#72 Precious Cargo

Image credits: bigtuna223

#73 Road Trip Mlem – Accidentally Woke Him From A Nap By Sneezing & He Made This Face At Me

Image credits: ibelieveyoubro

#74 Stairs Are Just Too Tiring To Climb

Image credits: stengebt

#75 Corgi Levitation

Image credits: hellhackers

#76 My First Very Own Dog, Winston!

Image credits: sarjanko

#77 I’m Trying To Grow Into My Ears!

Image credits: stengebt

#78 We Made This. How Do You Like It?

Image credits: chx_

#79 I’ve Wanted A Corgi For Several Years And I Finally Got One! His Name Is Winston!

Image credits: smahrk

#80 My Dad And His Corgi

Image credits: FatalLegend_

#81 After 27 Years Of Wanting A Dog…meet Squid!

Image credits: bertthadonk

#82 Who’s A Pretty Girl?

Image credits: SheIsNefarious

#83 That Post-Park High

Image credits: Zacchaeus92

#84 You Know You Want To Boop The Snoot

Image credits: steviess

#85 Hamster: “I Think He Has Potential…”

Image credits: Full-Mulberry5018

#86 We Will Miss You Queen Elizabeth!

Image credits: Libba12

#87 She Has Learned How To “Sit” And I’m So Proud Of Her!

Image credits: akatie97

#88 Lil’ Bundle

Image credits: boywoods

#89 These Brothers Are 2 Year Old Today!

Image credits: the_good_gatsby_vn

#90 Just Checking Up On My Baby Brother

Image credits: dsoko13

#91 Art Critic In Training At The Sculpture Park

Image credits: Powpows

#92 Sometimes The View Is Better From The Bottom

Image credits: peachbuttjoey

#93 How To Keep A Corgi From Getting Fat. Doctors Orders Saying He Needs More Exercise. He Loves The Treadmill

Image credits: KurumiLive

#94 After Waiting Over 10 Years Of Dreaming To Get A Corgi, I Finally Got One! Meet Leah, Reddit!

Image credits: SpiritofOrpheus

#95 Corgi Puppy Is Happy To Be Outside

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#96 Brought This Wee Girl Back From Wales Yesterday. Gwenna’s Pointing The Way Home

Image credits: danchamp

#97 Pretzel’s Favorite Christmas Gift. He Claims The Sudden Drop In Socks Appearing In His Bed Is Just Coincidence

Image credits: pm_me_yer_corgis

#98 Blep + Rain-Jacket, He’s Ready For Hurricane Irma

Image credits: poringowns

#99 My Corgi Decides He Likes My BF Very Much

Image credits: fivefeetoffury

#100 Baked Potato

Image credits: ItsToka

#101 A Corgi In Her Natural Habitat

Image credits: buddhakriss

#102 Took My Corgi To A Local Winery

Image credits: Kaleme

#103 Winston Likes His Strategic Vantage Point

Image credits: the_corgi_winston

#104 Cobee Is All Smiles And All Stumps

Image credits: stengebt

#105 I Am Woolf

Image credits: nassunnova

#106 Tired From His First Full Walk. We Wore Out The Husky Too

Image credits: DigsbyChickenCaesar

#107 What If All Your Mail Were Delivered Like This?

Image credits: peachbuttjoey

#108 *picks Up And Examines* Yup. This One Sparks Joy. You’re Staying Right Here, Little Miss

Image credits: raisuchan

#109 Behaving Like A Good Boy

Image credits: stevetimothy

#110 Lance Caught Me Eyeing His Stick

Image credits: Thanagor

#111 Tried To Take His Photo. He Saw A Bug. Look At That Focus. ?

Image credits: richlh74

#112 Ruff Times

Image credits: nassunnova

#113 I See Your Otis And Raise You Another Otis

Image credits: Thorross

#114 Just Trying To Fit In

Image credits: nassunnova

#115 Long Time Lurker And Now I Finally Became Part Of The Corgi Family. Everyone Meet Nugget. 🙂

Image credits: KissofDestiiny

#116 Sleepy Louis Loves His Little Dinosaur

Image credits: stengebt

#117 Hello, /R/Corgi – Meet Oatmeal!

Image credits: FearTheGoat

#118 She Did Not Like The Other Corgi In The Apartment ?

Image credits: thomasjefferspin

#119 Will You Bend The Knee For House Corgi?

Image credits: Benentono

#120 Mighty Defender Of The Couch

Image credits: starsreminisce

#121 She’s Nervous Without Her Support Plushie

Image credits: just-a-traveler

#122 13 Days To Go… Such Cute Little Toes!

Image credits: PidgetheCorgi

#123 A Corgi Parade In Tokyo!

Image credits: fallinggracefully

#124 Action Shot Of My Girl When She Was Little

Image credits: fragilefleetingthing


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