This Online Group Roasts Shameless Rip Offs Of Famous Brands, Here Are 46 Of The Worst Offenders (New Pics)

We’re all looking to save money any way we can, but sometimes buying name brand products is worth shelling out that extra 50 cents. It’s great that more affordable options exist, but you’ll never catch me purchasing “Noreos” or a knock-off version of Pringles. (Nobody else has ever been able to nail those classic recipes!) Nowadays, it seems like there’s an off-brand version of anything and everything. Occasionally they’re well done, but often, you regret the purchase as soon as you get home and realize that glue isn’t actually sticky at all and those “Fringles” taste more like cardboard than potato crisps.

And while you might not want to purchase any of these knock-off items yourself, we can still find joy in poking fun at these blatant attempts to rip off famous brands. From recreations of classic characters that look like they’ve been microwaved for 30 seconds to very creative spellings of popular brand names, we’ve gathered some of the best posts from the [Terrible] Off Brands subreddit down below.

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Be sure to upvote the photos you find most amusing, or that you can’t believe didn’t cause a lawsuit, and let us know in the comments if there are any brands you actually prefer to purchase knock-off versions of. Then if you’re interested in Bored Panda’s previous articles featuring even more blatant rip offs, you can find those right here and here!

#1 Dancing Jordan

Image credits: pdrpersonguy575

#2 Omg Guys! It’s Pukicho!

Image credits: The_meep_sheep123

#3 This “Shrek” In A Park In Turkey

Image credits: GustavTheTurk

Look, I’m all for saving money. I don’t have an unlimited shopping budget either, and we all know how hard inflation has hit this year. But sometimes, brands are famous for a reason. The quality of their products might be unlike any other, and the saying “you get what you pay for” exists for a reason. I’m not encouraging you to spend exorbitant amounts of money on luxury brands or blow your rent money on something that you could have easily found at a lower price. But I also think it’s fair for these blatant knock-offs to be roasted online.

And clearly, I’m not the only one who feels this way, as the [Terrible] Off Brands subreddit has nearly 1 million members. There aren’t a lot of rules for the community, but the most important is that the photos shared must feature “an imitation of an existing name brand product or at least be within the concept of it”. And as it turns out, there are plenty of these imitations out there. But these products exist for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they come about through grocery stores trying to offer a cheaper option that they can still gain profits from, while other times counterfeit product creators try to piggy-back on the success of big brands. This list has it all, so strap in and enjoy this rollercoaster of knock-off products.    

#4 They Only Learn From The Best

Image credits: HOEtasfuck

#5 Many Many Doctors

Image credits: Extra-Act-801

#6 Hmm Okay?

Image credits: Father_Spiner

Generic brand products aren’t always a bad thing. Especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals, they can save you big bucks and give you equally good results. The important thing is that the ingredients are the same; sometimes you really are paying for just a brand. Plus, according to Consumer Reports, most store brands come out to about 20-25% lower prices. When doing your grocery shopping for the week, taking a quarter off of your grand total can make a huge difference.

And according to 75% of shoppers, store brands are just as delicious or effective as the famous names. I have to admit, I have often been disappointed by ALDI products that are recreations of other big brands, but Trader Joe’s has my heart. Many of their own products are obvious imitations, but they always ensure that the quality is high. In fact, many of their items are actually made in the same factories as our favorite brands and simply labeled differently, so don’t be scared to try the “Crunchy Cinnamon Squares”, “Trader Joe’s O’s” or the “Scandinavian Swimmers”.   

#7 “Icequeerii”

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Image credits: TheGoldenViking

#8 KFC Rip Offf

Image credits: i_eat_AURUM

#9 Wow What A Good View?

Image credits: Disastrous_Spell2957

One important factor I like to look for in an imitation product is self-awareness. I don’t mind if it’s not exactly the same as what it’s trying to recreate, but it still as to be good. If it’s a food item, it better be delicious. If it’s a household product, it better work well. And if it’s a clothing item, well, I don’t want any blatant knock-offs of famous brands because there is no chance the quality will be as high.

While one can argue that they don’t want to support huge brands because they’re anti capitalist, the more ethical choice is usually not purchasing blatant rip offs. For example, if you don’t want to buy Oreos because you don’t want to support Nabisco, don’t opt for the Great Value brand option because Walmart is one of the largest corporations in the world. And if you want to buy Nike sneakers but can’t afford the originals, going for counterfeit products might be diving into an even more questionable ethical arena.   

#10 Hotdognald’s

Image credits: RocketXDBuster

#11 Dora’s Smarter Cousin, Donna

Image credits: adelaydee

#12 Manuella

Image credits: Salman_R

When it comes to protecting their brand, companies can have a hard time proving that someone is trying to mislead customers or take advantage of their popularity to make sales. But apparently, there is a distinction between counterfeits, knock-offs and replicas, according to Arthur Zaczkiewics at Women’s Wear Daily. A counterfeit is “essentially a product that is identical to another product, and thereby infringes upon the trademark of that product mark”. A knock-off is “a product that resembles another item, but isn’t exactly identical”, and replica is “a relatively new term coined by counterfeiters to promote their products online”. 

#13 Got This Present 9 Years Ago. Still Cracks Me Up To This Day

Image credits: Afksrry

#14 Anyone Looking For A Reliable Vehicle?

Image credits: Heyholol

#15 Mockey

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

Amy Goldsmith, partner in the retail group and co-chair of the intellectual property practice group at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin, explained to Women’s Wear Daily how these terms are used and what they mean for companies in a legal sense. “The counterfeit is hard to distinguish from the original — although there are usually quality differences between the genuine goods, labels or packaging and the fake ones,” Goldsmith noted. “Contrary to counterfeiting, infringement is not limited to those who own registrations,” she explained. “If your company has common law rights, then those rights can be infringed by the use of an identical mark or a substantially similar mark in a way that causes confusion.”

#16 Something Is Not Looking Right

Image credits: utsavwagle8848

#17 Whats App Perfume

Image credits: smol_boi-_-

#18 I Found The Bootleg Lighting Mcqueen Car

Image credits: ChocoChipz88

While creating and selling counterfeit goods is illegal, the purchasing of them in the United States is not, so it can be very hard to keep them from spreading like wildfire. “The laws assume consumers are innocently being duped and try to protect honest Americans from the bad intentions of manufacturers looking to make a quick buck,” Naree Chan, legal counsel at told WWD. “In reality, as we know, many consumers are looking for a cheaper version of a fancy price-tagged item. France and Italy, for example, recognize this reality and punish tourists who buy fake designer goods.”

#19 I Can Respect The Honesty, At Least

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#20 Tenis Perrones (Happy New Year For Everyone)

Image credits: AguaysolP

#21 Ever Heard Of Sniper?

Image credits: danielsilver69

If you’re a business owner or have created a popular product, Goldsmith notes that the first step you should take is to protect what you own. “Trademarks are territorial — you need one wherever you are — and almost all countries work on a first-to-file wins system. So file early,” she told WWD. “Then watch what others are doing so that you can act. Global watching services are available, which tell your company who has filed similar trademarks, who is using a domain name which includes your brand name, and who is selling what type of products. Since there are negative consequences to delaying (for instance, irreparable harm cannot be proven if you wait too long), watching and acting in a timely fashion is important.”

#22 Looks Phony

Image credits: PurpleWallRedFloor

#23 This Perfume I Found At A Cheap Shop Today. Anyone Wanna Smell Like Some Cooch?

Image credits: Lemmy_04

#24 My Favourite Film, My Fav Scene Is When Mutant Shrek And The Snake From The Wild Fight Randall In Monsters Incorporated!

Image credits: TheDinoKid21

It’s not likely to find any of them on this list, but on a rare occasion, it is possible to find a store brand dupe that’s even better than the popular name brand option. According to Jill Nystul, the woman behind the blog One Good Thing, Target sells a couple of items that are worth purchasing store brand: up & up Advanced Therapy Lotion and Market Pantry butter. From Kroger, Jill swears by Simple Truth canned goods, and from Walmart, she can vouch for the Great Value brand pie crusts, ketchup and sunscreen. These are a few products that might save you a little extra money without causing any regrets when you finally get around to using them. 

#25 Captain China

Image credits: Neet12393

#26 Spongebob & Patrick Join The Confederacy!

Image credits: ginodom449

#27 Found This Gem At My Mil’s House

Image credits: rezmedic

We hope you’re enjoying this list of some of the most shameless and ridiculous recreations of famous brands. We can’t all afford a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt or an official Where’s Waldo costume, but it’s great to know that there are cheaper options on the market. (We just might get roasted online for purchasing them…) Keep upvoting the knock-offs that you find most amusing, and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever seen even worse rip offs of famous brands out in the wild. Then if you’re looking for more of these comically bad recreations of popular products, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the [Terrible] Off Brands subreddit right here!

#28 Found These In The Same Store. I Just Can’t Decide Which Should I Get…

Image credits: Kubech

#29 I Think You Used The Wrong Molds, Guys…

Image credits: articeon

#30 Where’s Woman?

Image credits: 108daffodils

#31 Off Brand Oompa Loompa

Image credits: n-a156

#32 To The Edge Of Space And No Further!

Image credits: ben_kammy

#33 Bringing Back A Classic

Image credits: Thick_Bluebird_4751

#34 I Don’t Recall This Scene

Image credits: Traditional-Pay5318

#35 When You Find The Ps5 On Wish

Image credits: I_4m_Stupid

#36 Burek King

Image credits: KotZSerem

#37 Mildly Infuriated Bird

Image credits: embracecrab

#38 Monsters Dru

Image credits: AbsoluteTree262

#39 Bought This T-Shirt For 80 Euros. Took Me Long Enough To Figure Out What Was Wrong

Image credits: whackadoodle76

#40 4 Disappointments For The Price Of One!

Image credits: Lord_Laserdisc_III

#41 It’s Humble, It Doesn’t Like To Flex

Image credits: ITotalyWon

#42 Super Jump Man From Weagle

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#43 Ah Yes My Favorite Soda, Shport.

Image credits: atlestar

#44 Real Life Redemption Through Jesus

Image credits: BeamTRS

#45 The Little Train That Won A Medal

Image credits: Trident555

#46 Ah Yes, My Favourite Car Brands- Aston Maptin And Popschf

Image credits: Kotelmo


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