This Online Group Shares Mistakes That Moviemakers Left On The Big Screen, And Here Are 100 Of Them (New Pics)

There you are, comfortably sitting in the movie theater (or on your couch at home!), snacking on your favorite popcorn (salted caramel for us), enjoying the latest blockbuster that your friends couldn’t stop hyping. That’s when somebody next to you points out a mistake on the screen. Maybe it’s a crewmember ‘hiding’ in the shadows, a costume fail, or something that makes no sense narrative-wise. You’re no longer immersed in the story and can’t unsee the glaring error—it seems far too obvious now!

It’s moments like these that end up being shared on the r/MovieMistakes subreddit. An online community of over 156k cinephiles, it’s home to people who love drawing attention to interesting mistakes that they spot in films and shows. We’ve got to hand it to them, they’re more perceptive than a hawk who moonlights as a detective!

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Check out some of the biggest acting, editing, and narrative fails, as shared on r/MovieMistakes, and upvote the ones that really surprised you. In the mood for some more cinema sleuthing? You’ll find Bored Panda’s earlier article about the community right over here.

#1 I’m Watching Doctor Strange And I Caught A Crew Member Literally In Plain Sight

Image credits: greenm312

#2 About 50 Minutes In To Hereditary, All I Could See Was Toni Collette’s Wig’s Lace

Image credits:

#3 In ‘Simpsons Roasting On A Open Fire’ The First Simpsons Episode In 1992, Towards The End There Is One Shot Where The Background Is Upside Down

Image credits: DyceCubes

The r/MovieMistakes subreddit has been up and running since mid-July, 2012. That means that its members have been slowly combing through film projects for errors for over a decade!

Over the years, the community has grown, solidified, and become one of the biggest groups on Reddit as a whole. But the real victory is just how active the members of the sub are: they’re still looking for accidental mistakes and editing fails in movies and TV shows, both new and old.

#4 In D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994), Half The Crowd Is Made Up Of Cardboard Cut Outs To Fill The Seats In The Stadium

Image credits: LisleSwanson

#5 Show (9-1-1 S3-Ep3) This Guy Got His Arm Amputated But They Forgot To Edit It Out Of This Shot

Image credits: Ian11z

#6 Malcolm S07e05. Dewey Plays Without A Cartridge In His Gameboy

Image credits: william_weatherby

Now, before you rush headlong into a posting spree, take the time to read the subreddit’s rules. If you plan on being an active member of the community, you need to be aware of how to make your post have the most impact, instead of getting deleted.

Naturally, whatever you post has to be about the unintentional mistakes that filmmakers have made. The mistakes have to have made it into the final cut of the film or TV series. Meanwhile, if a mistake isn’t very obvious, explain it to the crowd.

#7 [ncis] Just Noticed Abby Making A Phone Call Is Very Clearly A Calculator App

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Image credits: Foxterriers

#8 In Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3, “Hospital” Is Misspelled

Image credits: CashYT

#9 Fake Bookshelf In The Last Crusade

Image credits: Oldspice_DentalFloss

The moderator team also asks its members not to joke about how some movie or other “was a mistake.” According to them, “it’s an overdone joke.” In short, the community wants fresh perspectives, not rehashed insights and humor. That push for originality is probably why the community has lasted this long: it sets the bar for quality pretty high.

#10 In Spider-Man (2002), When He Goes To Punch Green Goblin, The Stunt-Double’s Lips Can Be Seen Still. While Willem Dafoe Voiceovers “Impressive!”

Image credits: Jllanes734

#11 In Pulp Fiction You Can See The Bullet Holes On The Wall Even Before The Guy Comes Out From The Bathroom,shooting!

Image credits: kajokarafili

#12 Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace (Netflix) 42:00 Camera Roll Shows Various Photos With Various Fake Lock Screens With Messages And Fake Phone Calls And Mock-Up Dial Pad

Image credits: PauPowers

Meanwhile, the title of your post has to include the name of the film or show, along with a brief description of the mistake. If it’s a TV series you’re gently poking fun at, mention what season and episode it’s in, so that everyone else can double-check things for themselves.

#13 In Django Unchained, The Harpist Is Playing Für Elise. Für Elise Wasn’t Published Until 1867; 8 Years After The Movie Takes Place

Image credits: eren_yeagermeister

#14 Pretty Woman Was A Big Hit In The ’90s.few May Have Noticed That When They Have Breakfast Together At The Hotel, Roberts’ Character Takes A Croissant From The Table, Which Shortly After, At Minute 32:10, Mysteriously Transforms Into A Pancake

Image credits: JellySorry5372

#15 Unforgiven 1992. When Lil Bill Is Telling The Real Story Of “The Duck Of Death” , You Can Sew Gene Hackman Has His Lines In The Book

Image credits: Huichan81

Moreover, your post should actually have a pic or video of the mistake in question. The only exception to this rule is if the movie is still in theaters. The team running r/MovieMistakes also asks its members not to spoil recent film projects, unless you’re marking your post with the ‘spoiler’ tag. For instance, if a film’s still in theaters, you’d have to use the tag. Be courteous to any redditors who might potentially hate spoilers.

#16 Aladdin 2019 Probably Late To This Party But It Looks Like A Cell Phone In His Pocket

Image credits: PoopyGoat

#17 I Don’t Think This Is How You Fire An Arrow With A Bow

Image credits: JellySorry5372

#18 Inventing Anna Photographer Lens Cap

Image credits: BlurMyFace

Like every other subreddit, r/MovieMistakes asks everyone to be kind to one another. The mods also frown upon anyone whose goal is ‘repost farming’ for karma and awards. Try not to repost well-known mistakes just because you want a spot of attention from everyone else.

#19 In Insidious, You Can Very Clearly See A Fog Machine And You Can Even See The Operator Moving In The Darkness If You Look Closely

Image credits: CrunkyDunk

#20 In Liar, Liar (1997), In The Fight Scene, You Can See That The Toilet Is Made Of Foam

Image credits: heidismiles

#21 In The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies (2014) Thorin Oakenshield Is Seen Wearing Boots With Modern Day Rubber Gripped Soles Whereas In All Other Shots He Has Completely Flat Soles

Image credits: FroggboyFrank

Anyone who intentionally spoils plot twists and other story details can be banned. That’s something that can also happen if you repost removed content or behave like a bot. In short, look at what’s already been shared in the online group, be nice, and try to share some original insights with everyone else.

#22 In The Dark Knight (2008), Bruce Suggests Putting Two Tables Together. It’s Definitely One Table

Image credits: codyparkerr

#23 Ok So Uuhh… Can We Talk About How Lyle The Crocodile Isn’t A Crocodile?

Image credits: SmolderTheDragonGirl

#24 Seinfeld S8 Ep2 You Can See Jerry’s Mic When He Lifts Up His Jacket

Image credits: Madison_was_bored

As we’ve covered on Bored Panda before, making movies is an incredibly long and expensive process. Consistency becomes difficult to maintain over months and years, especially if some of the scenes aren’t filmed chronologically.

So mistakes occasionally happen, even if there are people out there whose job it is to look for things like that. Nobody’s perfect, some minor mistakes will always worm their way into the final version of the project, no matter how much money you throw at it. 

#25 In Hidalgo (2004), During The Final Stretch Of The Race, Frank Rides His Horse Without A Saddle, Until A Brief Shot Where He’s Suddenly In A Saddle Again

Image credits: MsYagi90

#26 In Hocus Pocus 2, They Make Multiple Mentions Of The Previous Events Taking Place In 1993, The Year The Original Movie Was Released. Halloween 1993 Fell On A Sunday And The Kids Were In School That Day In The Original Movie

Image credits: bum-off

#27 In Terminator 2, The Head Of The T-1000 Starts Splitting Before Arnold Shoots

Image credits: allgoners

The time frame of these sorts of projects also means that even if someone notices a mistake during the editing and post-processing stages of making the movie, it might be too late (or too expensive) to refilm them. Editors might run into situations where they can’t cut out parts of the scene either because that would lead to even greater continuity errors. Their job is to ensure that the audience stays as immersed as possible. That might work with most watchers, however, some people are so eagle-eyed that they’ll immediately pick up on tiny inconsistencies from scene to scene.

#28 Netflix’s Kaleidoscope: Episode “Green”. Both Of These One Direction Tickets Are For The Exact Same Section/Row/Seat

Image credits: IcedTuna

#29 In Disenchanted (2022), Giselle And Morgan Hug But Their Arms Switch Positions From One Cut To The Next

Image credits: IcyWet

#30 On Jane The Virgin, Petra’s Mom Is In The Hospital With A Breathing Mask On… Except It’s Not There In The Next Shot We See Her In

Image credits: VITMOR-

How good are you at noticing small mistakes and details like the ones in this list, dear Pandas? Which of these continuity errors and immersion fails surprised you the most? Have you ever worked in the film and TV industry? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so pop down by the comment section when you’re done enjoying the post.

#31 In Emily In Paris (S2 E6), A Stunt Double Is Clearly Driving The Vespa After Alfie Climbs On

Image credits: poopypants72

#32 In The Kingdom Of Heaven, The Flags Are Flying On The Opposite Direction

Image credits: JavArc13

#33 In Money Heist, Rio Says “En Español Por Favor” Which Means “In Spanish Please”, But The Subtitles Say “Keep It Short Please”

Image credits: RedOnARoll

#34 In Batman The Movie (1966) A Wardrobe Malfunction Resulted In One Woman’s Bikini Slipping, Showing Her Bare Breast. This Was Blurred In The Final Film, As The Sequence Could Not Be Reshot

Image credits: NorthwestSupercycle

#35 In 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) A Cop Can Be Seen Writing On An Already Written Paper

Image credits: AEKIAN

#36 The Person Driving The Car Behind George & Susan Is Driving On The Right-Hand Side Of The Vehicle In NYC. S7 E9: The Sponge (13:40)

Image credits: littletrevas

#37 After Mcclane Hangs Karl You Can See Karl Standing In Background

Image credits: Obmr-snrU

#38 In Osmosis Jones (2001), Chris Rock As The Titular Character Accidentally Refers To Leah By Her Actor’s Name (Brandy Norwood) And It Was Just Left In

Image credits: llamanatee

#39 Im Watching Encino Man, I’m The Scene Where Link Hijacks The Drivers Ed Car, Definetly Not Sean Astin In The Back. Can You Say Stunt Driver? Lol

Image credits: tundraportal

#40 In The Lost World, Jurassic Park 2 (1997) Ian Malcolm Looks Through Binoculars The Wrong Way

Image credits: UnScrapper

#41 In “Cool Runnings” (1993), The Soviet Bobsled Team Is Marked As “Russia” On The Board. In 1988, Ussr Was Still A Country And Russia Was Only Its Republic

Image credits: back-in-1999

#42 In Glass Onion (2022), Miles Bron’s Porsche 918 Spyder Is Initially Shown On The Island Clearly Having The Weissach Package, A Factory Option Which Included The Carbon Fiber Pieces Behind The Rear Wheels. Later In The Film During A Flashback, The Car No Longer Features The Weissach Package

Image credits: theFettster

#43 In Swingers (1996) When John Favreau Goes To Strike Up A Conversation With Heather Graham, He Interrupts A Guy In Real Life That Was Near Her. He Gives Favreau A Stern Look, Then Looks Directly Into Camera And Realizes They’re Part Of A Movie Being Filmed

Image credits: rdchico8

#44 In The Lost Boys (1987), Just Before Edgar Stabs Marko, You Can Clearly See Where The Fake Stake Was Meant To Retract To Avoid Injuring Alex Winter

Image credits: TheChainLink2

#45 ‘that 90’s Show’ Season 1 Episode 1. All That Netflix Budget And They Couldn’t Get The Period Correct Chip Packaging?

Image credits: anma1234

#46 In My Name Is Nobody(1974), A Western Set In 1899, You Can See A Steamboat Called President That Wasn’t Built Until 1924

Image credits: Dearfield

#47 Captain America First Avenger. Cap Has No Shield When He Lands, Then It Is On His Back In Next Shot/Angle

Image credits: willpeachpiedo

#48 If You Look Really Really Close You Can Hardly Tell They Spelled The Fucking Title Wrong Christmas Twister (2012)

Image credits: Ok-Hat9079

#49 In Dahmer, He Returns From Basic Training In 1979 With The National Defense Service Medal, Which Wasn’t Awarded Between ‘74 And ‘90

Image credits: Origamibyameer1

#50 I Don’t Think That’s How You Hold A Phone Jack Ryan…

Image credits: PANDA_1O

#51 In Avengers: Infinity War, When Peter Dissolves, Stark’s Resting Hand Is Masked From The Scene’s Underlaying Fx And Lazily Drifts Out Of Frame

Image credits: obsidianhoax

#52 Elf – Suit Buttoned To Trench Coat

Image credits: sjujohn

#53 In The 1965 “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, There Is A Single Frame Of Animation That Is Out Of Sequence Causing The Two Background Characters To Appear In The Middle Layer And Cover Pig-Pen And Linus

Image credits: MrCantPlayGuitar

#54 Gilmore Girls S1e9 – Diffusion Panel Is Visible On The Right Side Of The Frame

Image credits: dbonx

#55 In Hocus Pocus (2022) The Apple Homepod Is Incorrectly Called Alexa

Image credits: psycho538

#56 In ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ (2022, Episode 5), There Is An Error Between Cuts As Characters Are Immediately Shown Sitting Back Down After Being Told To Stand In The Previous Shot

Image credits: ArcadiaXLO

#57 In Tenet, When The Protagonist Test Fires The Reverse Bullet, It Ends Up Back In The Magazine. It Should’ve Ended Up In The Chamber, Which Is Correct Location Prior To Firing

Image credits: throwyMcTossaway

#58 In Tremors 5: Bloodlines, While Recording His Last Will And Testament To His Ex-Wife Heather, Burt Tells Her To “Give The Hk 41 A Good Home,” Referencing The Gun That She Took When She Divorced Him. In Tremors 2: Aftershocks, The Gun Had Previously Been Identified As An Hk 91

Image credits: TheChainLink2

#59 In Buried, Ryan Reynolds Pulls The Phone Away From His Face To Check The Battery And Is Holding It Upside Down. The Mic Would Be At His Ear And Speaker At His Mouth

Image credits: CallMe_Dig_Baddy

#60 In Babylon-Berlin Season 2 The Main Character Is Using His Leica Standard Camera Wrong — The Lens Is Closed, Making The Camera Not Able To Shoot

Image credits: Don_Rumata_Estorsky

#61 Pretty Sure Nasa Would Activate Their Windows Irl

Image credits: MajorState911

#62 In Swingers (1996) Jon Favreau’s Character Picks Up The Phone From To Call Vince Vaughn’s Character. As He Talks, He Goes To The Kitchen, Then Returns To The First Room And The Base Of The Phone Is Missing

Image credits: rdchico8

#63 In ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ When Dwayne Is Doing The Color Blind Test, He Takes The Pamphlet From His Sister But In The Next Shot, She’s Still Holding It

Image credits: Habatoozoo90z

#64 In Halloweentown (1998) Marnie Is A 13 Year Old Who Discovers Her Grandmother Is A Witch. If Marnie Doesn’t Learn To Use Her Own Witch Powers By Midnight On Her 13th Halloween, They’ll Disappear Forever. If She’s Already 13, Then This Would Be Her 14th Halloween

Image credits: _dontjimthecamera

#65 In Aguirre, The Wrath Of God, For Several Seconds You Can See The Shoe Of A Member Of The Film Crew At The Top Left Of The Screen

Image credits: ilovecarolina

#66 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, A Crew Member Gets Hit In The Head With A Plastic Table

Image credits: Komonkantsu

#67 The Judges’ Dish Changes Between Shots | Baking Impossible E1 Netflix

Image credits: Towerizer

#68 Better Call Saul S2 E7: Kia Soul Is Present Even Though The Season Happens In 2002, The Car Was Not Produced Until 2008, And The Design Shown Was Introduced In 2013

Image credits: LiminalSh0ck

#69 In Paranormal Activity: Next Of Kin (2021), Dale Uses A Computer That Looks Like A Windows PC. But It’s Actually A Mac Playing A Screen Recording Of A Windows PC. You Can See “Macintosh Hd” At The Right Edge Of The Screen And The Windows Screen Is Playing Inside “Preview”

Image credits: nyehu09

#70 Sin City 2005 – The Cuts On Marv’s Face Flip Sides For One Shot During This Escape Scene

Image credits: YamCakes44

#71 Queen&slim Driver Turns Without Turning The Steering Wheel

Image credits: rizwanba

#72 Marie Antoinette – Contrail (White Mark Left By Aircraft)

Image credits: AnotherWillyWonka

#73 In Arrested Development, “Amigos” S2/E3 Lucille Opens The Door To Her Left, With The Door Frame On Her Right, But When We Look Over Her Shoulder, The Door Frame Is On Her Left And The Door Is Opening To Her Right

Image credits: StopBadModerators

#74 In ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Several Cbs Studio Buildings Are Visible In The Background From The Lagoon. Episode ‘The Friendly Physician’, 1966

Image credits: BobbyCrispyGuitar

#75 In Hancock (2008), The Title Character Keeps A Memento Ticket Stub From A June 1931 Showing Of Frankenstein. That Movie Was Released In November 1931

Image credits: Brass_Orchid

#76 Blade Runner (1982): In One Of The Final Scenes You Can See The Cameraman Shadow On The Wall

Image credits: nikoskip

#77 In Amsterdam (2022), General Bill Meekins Holds His Cloth During His Own Autopsy

Image credits: MasterPike36

#78 In Resident Alien S02e13, At 18:04 You Can See The Camera In The Driver’s Window

Image credits: 1za

#79 Crumb (1994), Francisco Is Misspelled

Image credits: PwoJima77

#80 The English – Winchester Model 1892 Being Used In 1875

Image credits: sofa_king_ugly

#81 John Hamm’s Glasses Turn Off And On Again Between Cuts

Image credits: BlueTpot

#82 In First Man (2018), Neil Is Seen On The Moon With No Camera. In Reality, He Had A Silver “Hasselblad” Data Camera

Image credits: SpacemanChad7365

#83 In The Patriot, This Dead Guy Gets Up As The Screen Fades To Black

Image credits: Infidel2017

#84 In This Scene In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice(2016) The Muzzle Flashes Is Reversed For A Couple Of Rounds

Image credits: ABOBROSHAN

#85 In Triangle Of Sadness (2022), Woody Harrelson Appears To Say “George Carlin” After Quoting Mark Twain. The Filmmakers Apparently Decided To Dub In The Right Name Instead Of Reshooting Or Cutting Away Lol

Image credits: lala__

#86 Step Up 2 With A Hat Trick Of Hat Mishaps

Image credits: PrivateEducation

#87 Better Call Saul (S3e07) An Ad For Lycamobile Is Visible, Which Launched In The Us In 2013, 11 Years After The Show Takes Place

Image credits: C_hyphen_S

#88 In “The Good Witch” Nobody Knows How To Use A Salt Mill

Image credits: Knoblauchrauke

#89 Stay Tuned (1992)

Image credits: ryq_

#90 In Snatch (2000) When Tyrone Backs The Car Into The Van And Is Mocked By Sol & Vincent For Not Seeing It, There Is Clearly No Rear View Mirror In The Car

Image credits: HeartyMcFly

#91 In The Punisher (2004) Just As “The Russian” Breaks Through Frank Castle’s Door, You Can See A Camera Man Standing Off To The Left

Image credits: NewUploader1

#92 In Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Jessica Rabbit Looks Different In The Newspaper Photo Compared To The Photos Eddie Takes Earlier In The Film, As The Newspaper Photo Was Made Before Her Character Design Was Finalised

Image credits: TheChainLink2

#93 S2 E3 Frontier Grace Closes Her Book And Then It’s Open

Image credits: ArtisanGerard

#94 The Pale Blue Eye (2022) – The Bridge For Us Route 422 Is Clearly Visible In The Background During The Scene Where Landor Examines The Site Of The Hanging. This Was Shot On The North Shore Of Lake Arthur In Moraine State Park

Image credits: spitfire451

#95 Malcolm In The Middle S2e5, Camera Cuts From Malcolm, Reese, And Hal To… Uhh… Not Them?

Image credits: photowhoa123

#96 Bullet Train (2022): Firearm Magazine Continuity Error

Image credits: Ramen_Horror

#97 In The Movie “Jungle Cruise (2021)” Jesse Plemons Character Is Supposed To Be A German (Prussian) Prince But He’s Wearing A Russian Eagle Around His Neck

Image credits: Otzknallpeng

#98 In Better Call Saul S2 E6, Mike Parks Really Close To The Sidewalk, But Seconds Later He Exits The Vehicle And Its Much Further From The Sidewalk Than Before

Image credits: TeteraTheWise

#99 In Elvis (2022) In This Conversation (28:55 Whereabouts), The Mirror House Captured The Reflection Of The Cameraman

Image credits: cyril_1810

#100 In Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (1985) Equipment Is Reflected In The Lower Left Of The Window

Image credits: yesackchyually


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