This Online Group Showcases People Who Pretend They Didn’t Deliberately Do Something (60 Pics)

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Or maybe said the wrong thing? We’ve probably all done that at least once in our lives. But have you ever lied and given the good ol’ “Oops, wasn’t me” or “Sorry, my friend took my phone, lol” excuse?

Today, we’re featuring a subreddit dedicated to people who said or did incredibly cringeworthy things and then backpedaled by saying “Just kidding.” It’s the r/OopsDidn’tMeanTo community. The problem? It’s pretty obvious these people did or said the awkward thing deliberately. That’s why the lie only makes it worse. We’ve collected the best, or rather the cringiest, screenshots that its members ever came across. So let us know your favorites by upvoting them, and check out our previous feature about the subreddit!

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#1 The Farthest Stretch I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: paulblartmallcap

#2 This Is Just So Awkward To Read

Image credits: Zooooooombie

#3 My Ex…forgetting He Has A New GF At Bar Close

Image credits: paha_tytto

#4 Her 4 Year Old Took This Photo

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#5 Tinder Is A Goldmine

Image credits: Miraculousflorist

#6 My Ex Girlfriend Ladies And Germs

Image credits: Zompokenator03

#7 Autocorrect Wanted To Get You Nakey

Image credits: unwashedbodypillow95

#8 Dont Open It!

Image credits: DAT_DINO

#9 My Mom Tried Hiring Him. He Did Not Get The Job

Image credits: catladytaylor

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#10 Whoops

Image credits: AutoCrosspostBot

#11 This Followed A Video Of Her Playing An Out Of Tune Bass Guitar And Singing Green Day. Before The Green Day Video Was Your Typical Thirst Trap, Booty Short Wearing, Squats In The Gym Ig Story

Image credits: AbdulAhBlongatta

#12 Brian Strikes Again!

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#13 Toddler Knows How To Promote His Mom On Social Media

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#14 Amazing How Life Works!

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#15 Whoops!

Image credits: johnbooth703

#16 Of Course

Image credits: IEATBUTT5

#17 I Think You Proved Your Point

Image credits: ChuckDimeCliff

#18 You’re Making It Worse. Just Stop

Image credits: manitoba_in_june

#19 I Was Sleeping?

Image credits: DrapeyWhenDrunk

#20 The Art Of Teenage Flirting

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#21 Oops, Went Out In A Unicorn Costume By Mistake Xd

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#22 What Is The Point Even?

Image credits: Avyeon

#23 He Sent A D**k Pic To A Woman Who Has Never Spoken To Him Before

Image credits: Coffeeholic911

#24 She Got This From Her Co-Worker

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#25 Another “Wrong Person” Text From A Married Neighbor

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#26 Teen Takes Interesting Photo

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#27 Excuse After Sending The Usual Pic

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#28 Well, We’ve All Been There!

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#29 Because That’s What Girls Do

Image credits: johnnyjanx

#30 He Sent D**k Pics To A Random Bunch Of Girls

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#31 Completely Accidental!!!

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#32 From A Grown A**, Married Man I Met At The Neighborhood Pub (I’m A Straight Male)

Image credits: johnnyjanx

#33 Just A Dare

Image credits: clithands

#34 This Random Guy On Facebook

Image credits: givemepasta1

#35 Bit Of An Overreaction

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#36 This Dude Stopped Talking To This Girl, Then Got These Texts From Her

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#37 Jimmy’s Putting The Moves On The Ladies 😉

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#38 Tinder Adventures

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#39 They Think Im Stupid, Apparently.?

Image credits: Mean-Cream-3099

#40 Oops‼️

Image credits: Radiant_Increase966

#41 Sorry My Friend Made This Ad, Nobody At The Company Knew What It Meant Lol

Image credits: pigsinatrenchcoat

#42 Their Housemate Was On Their Goodreads?

Image credits: KyySokia

#43 The Conversation Takes An Unexpected Detour

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#44 Cover Your Bases Before You Post

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#45 How Embarrassing ?

Image credits: FllRE_FOXX_

#46 My Doordasher From Last Night

Image credits: Inevitable-Test-910

#47 Pervy Mcpervface Tried Using The Oldest Trick In The Book

Image credits: iseverybodycrazy16

#48 It Was Over A Month Since We Talked And I Had Previously Already Turned Her Down

Image credits: pentapous

#49 Haha Yeah It Was My Friend

Image credits: Fusional_Gaming

#50 Dude Just Sent Me A D**k Pic. When I Call Him Out For It, He Deletes It. My First Ever D**k Pic, And I Never Want To See Another One

Image credits: IrohLoveYT

#51 Sure Buddy

Image credits: TheTrenchCoatMafia

#52 With Bonus

Image credits: readit475

#53 “Accidentally” Sent A D*ck Pic.. ???‍♀️

Image credits: Reni98

#54 He Sent Me The Video Literally Almost Two Years After We Went On One (1) Singular Date Where He Spoke A Total Of 20 Words To Me. Not So Shy After All

Image credits: not7

#55 Seems Plausible

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#56 Sooo Which Is It

Image credits:

#57 Guy “Accidentally” Send Me A Video Of His D**k

Image credits: pickcasso

#58 Connor Strikes Again!

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#59 That Damn Colleen Is Always Doing Stuff Like This!

Image credits: ergoegthatis

#60 My First Unsolicited D**k Pic

Image credits: AkoyaBones


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