This Online Page Celebrates Real Estate Listings ‘Gone Wild’ And Here Are 96 Of The Best Ones

The near-endless data and resources of the internet allow us to window-shop at a scale that used to be unimaginable. Everything from food delivery to real estate can be found, investigated, and bought online from the comfort of your bedroom, bathroom, or really wherever you prefer to take a device with internet access.

Saving all of our time, the good citizens of the internet now take it upon themselves to find and share their best discoveries, and one great example of this phenomenon is the “Zillow Gone Wild” group. So prepare to see some downright bizarre house listings and be sure to upvote your favorites as you scroll through. 

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#1 Do I Tell The Potential New Owners About The Room In The Basement Or Let Them Find It On Their Own?

Image credits: Zakkattack86

#2 Currently Shaking Out My Piggy Bank

Image credits:

#3 Imagine Stepping Out Of The Shower Just To Fall Down The Stairs

Image credits: pmcats

For those who are unfamiliar, Zillow is an American real estate site, where people post houses for sale. It has gotten popular due to a combination of utility and the many weird, bizarre, or downright creative listings one can find if they browse long enough. One popular feature is the “Zestimate,” where Zillow will take the information you provide about a property and make its best guess of its value.

While not a perfect indicator of the price one should ask for, it can be a fun way to quickly learn what a unit is worth without paying a realtor to assess it. This could be a sort of reversal of window shopping, it is instead window selling, where one can satisfy the curiosity of prices just for future reference. 

#4 This Is My Best Friends’ Aunt And Uncle’s House. Ask Me Anything

Image credits: dogmomMal

#5 We See Lots Of Wealth And Bad Taste On This Sub. Here We Have Poverty And Bad Taste

Image credits: caroonth

#6 A Drawbridge, A Knight In Armor, A Murder Dungeon, A Hall Of Mirrors And So Much More (Link In The Comments)

Image credits: stupid42usa

While it is just a “fun” feature, the Wall Street Journal found it to be surprisingly accurate, however, they did warn potential sellers to still get a “professional” estimate, as, in their words, “when Zillow is bad, it can be terrible.” Since real estate is a pretty big deal for most of us, probably not worth risking a terrible asking price. One 2016 study found that, on average, the Zestimate was off by about $14’000.

#7 It Gets More And More Obvious

Image credits: FreeNinedy9

#8 Ugly, Ugly Bathroom

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Image credits: gkar56

#9 Jetsons Time Capsule – Too Busy Finding Star Shaped Decor To Not Block The Entrance Or Add Windows

Image credits: StrawberryHannah

But for many, the real draw of the site is the ability to just browse to your heart’s content. It’s a pretty unique experience, to take a walk through literally thousands of homes across the US. Some people like finding listings of buildings near them to satisfy their craving to be a nosy neighbor, while others perhaps enjoy seeing how massive, expensive houses look. 

#10 Mighty Kitchen Oak

Image credits: bluehold

#11 I Would Not Be Able To Remain Sane If I Lived In This House

Image credits: tumbl3r

#12 Such A Cute Living R….what Is That?

Image credits: camelz4

Of course, not all mansions are created equally. A simple drive around some more “upscale” suburban areas will reveal a type of large, but somewhat ugly building commonly referred to as a McMansion. These buildings are infamous for using architectural techniques from real castles and mansions, but with cheap, mass-produced materials. They tend to appear copy-pasted across the landscape, hence the fast-food-like moniker at the front of the word. 

#13 I Went To View A House Yesterday And Found This Qr Code On The Back Of A Cupboard Door. I Got Bloody Rick Rolled During A House Viewing!

Image credits: thesaddestpanda

#14 Just Needs A Little Water And It Should Perk Right Up

Image credits: Gooch_Gobbler

#15 I Think They Got Out Their Roller And Painted Every Surface White For This Listing

Image credits: owlfan42

Other terms include “garage Mahal”, “starter castle”, and “Hummer house,” which instantly dates the concept to a time when one could just buy a Hummer. These buildings were probably the clearest and classic representations of new money, as they had the “form” of wealth, without the style, class, or refinement. Not to mention, real mansions tend to have extensive grounds and don’t have twenty or so identical buildings on the same street. 

#16 Some Garages Have A Tool Bench, Some Have A Swimming Pool ($338,800 In Ohio)

Image credits: _salthazar

#17 It Finally Sold. Largest Home In Mt

Image credits: alligatorspy

#18 Just Your Average 20,000 Sq Ft, $15,000,000 Mansion In Florida…. Unless

Image credits: heyhowyadewin

Zillow and McMansions have even been featured together in a blog titled “McMansion Hell,” which parodied the absolutely horrible homes of the wealthy. The blog mostly mocked the design choices, but also advised readers to not purchase these homes as they tend to make poor financial investments. It was so effective that Zillow actually issued a cease and desist letter, though the company later chose to not pursue legal action

#19 Selling A Home With A Squatter

Image credits: drewb124

#20 Bond Villains Do Exist

Image credits: stupid42usa

#21 The Saddest Island

Image credits: LadyFoof

Of course, the majority of listings on Zillow are just normal homes of regular people, the sort one could imagine in their head without much difficulty. But the site’s popularity is driven by the sort of content seen here, weird choices by realtors, homeowners who had “unique” ideas, or design choices so terrible that someone should have been fired. If you want to keep seeing these sorts of homes, Bored Panda has got you covered, check out our previous articles here, here, and here

#22 Can’t Have The Public Thinking They’re ~poor~ For Only Having A Truck, Beamer, And Benz In The Driveway, Better Add A Bentley!

Image credits: Smileyface3000

#23 Looked Like A Fairly Basic $12m Bungalow, Then I Noticed The Lobster Statue

Image credits: Cal1gula

#24 No Need To Move The Rock When You Can Build Around It

Image credits: heyhowyadewin

#25 I Don’t Even Want To Own This House, I Just Want To Take A Bath In It Real Quick

Image credits: hotwaterplussoap

#26 This Seems Like The Right Place, How Would You Feel About This As A Subreddit?

Image credits: bathtissue101

#27 This Grass Is Lookin A Little Sus

Image credits: MonsterTruckCarpool

#28 Anyone Want To Buy A Church? Only $250,000. Located Near Digby, Nova Scotia

Image credits: Earl_I_Lark

#29 Open Concept Bathroom ($899,000 In Boston)

Image credits: _salthazar

#30 She Comes With The House

Image credits: m-616

#31 Abandoned School On Sale For $225,000! What A Steal!

Image credits: ImmortalLizard

#32 Maybe A Bit Steep For A House?

Image credits: greyhoundsrfast

#33 This $1.2 Million Home In Rhode Island… I Originally Posted This In R/Mallninjashit

Image credits: FROGGYCO1

#34 It Just Gets Worse The Further You Go

Image credits: fiero444

#35 Really, Though

Image credits:

#36 When Your Decorating Aesthetic Is “1983 Midwestern Marriott Hotel Bar”

Image credits: rehtulx

#37 Could You Survive This House?

Image credits: Basghetti_

#38 Psychedelic Shower With Cow Tiles- Oregon Listing

Image credits: Tiny_Link_7075

#39 What Is Happening In This Room?!

Image credits: KmartDino3

#40 Found A House In My Price Range That I Really Liked…then Saw This

Image credits: Illustrious-Life-710

#41 This Listing Better Be Close To A Fucking Hospital

Image credits: Not-Patrick

#42 I Kinda Like It

Image credits: Teddythehedgie

#43 Home Comes With Whatever (Or Whoever) Is Barricaded Behind This Door

Image credits: oklafornian

#44 Built In 1929, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Westhope” Has Hit The Market At $8m

Image credits: DizzyUpThaGirl

#45 It’s Like A Set From Weekend At Bernie’s

Image credits: APFernweh

#46 6.5m Home With Indoor Mini Italy

Image credits: DailyDoseOfScorpio

#47 This Fireplace Is Giving Me A Conniption

Image credits: JustKindaAnxiety

#48 We’d Love Tuscany So Much, We Bought It And Moved It To Maryland!

Image credits: OlivierLeighton

#49 When You Forget To Account For The Fridge In The Kitchen Layout

Image credits: benmarvin

#50 Shoot, I Can’t Remember What Cabinet I Put The Paprika In

Image credits: afnj

#51 What Is It With Rich People Having Boulders Inside Their Homes???

Image credits: Thetomatogod_1595

#52 The Size Of This Fireplace ?

Image credits: DeandraReynolds_

#53 Connecticut Castle

Image credits: normandietide

#54 Before And After Zealous Flippers Dementored The Soul Out Of A Property

Image credits: PoHoPrincess

#55 Medieval Times Home Edition

Image credits: urbanfae

#56 Like A Mall With Track Lighting

Image credits: Majorpain2006

#57 I See Your Utility Pole, And Present To You This Tree

Image credits: EYNLLIB

#58 Y’all Are Not Ready For This One

Image credits: CelestialCatto

#59 “Does It Have A Garage?” Well, Yes And No

Image credits: Frognosticator

#60 Someone Went A Little Overboard With The Carpeting Here

Image credits: LadyEmeraldDeVere

#61 These People Have Been Trying To Unload This Kentucky Prepper House Since At Least 2019. Alllll That “Mountain House” Food Is Stashed Down There For When The Apocalypse Comes

Image credits: DizzyUpThaGirl

#62 Instead Of Worrying Whether The Bed Frame Will Blend In With The Carpet, Just Add The Carpet To The Bed Frame. It Won’t Look Unusual

Image credits: Devi8tor

#63 Someone Got A Good Discount On Blue Paint

Image credits: Luciferwalks

#64 Got To Love An Ensuite Bathroom!

Image credits: krystopolus

#65 Excuse Me?

Image credits: nayeppeo

#66 Virginity Rocks; For Sale In Sacramento, Ca

Image credits: ChocolateTsar

#67 Are Those……carpet Samples???

Image credits: TheGeneralTulliuss

#68 “We Have Venice At Home.” Venice At Home:

Image credits: FranniBaka

#69 Versace, Ferrari And Marble

Image credits: Majorpain2006

#70 A House… In A Barn?!

Image credits: passionatereds

#71 Best Description I’ve Seen In All The Houses I’ve Looked At

Image credits: yanquiUXO

#72 The Fridge In The Island Really Pisses Me Off

Image credits: insanitizering

#73 Care For A Swim?

Image credits: VanTheMan92

#74 18bd, 32br And Comes With A Free Acid Trip

Image credits: kelddel

#75 The Interior Is The Visualization Of A Migraine

Image credits: PunchDrunkGiraffe

#76 Carpet Wall & Psychedelic Wallpaper In Never Updated 1975 Basement

Image credits: ruralmom87

#77 Instead Of Becoming President You Can Just Spend $2.6m And Buy A White House Clone

Image credits: kiyatooga

#78 Can’t Get More Rust Belt Than A Basement Bowling Alley

Image credits: dan_blather

#79 We Are Taking It All With Us!

Image credits: genredenoument

#80 Throw Pillows Make Anything Good!

Image credits: kitoriley23

#81 Welcome

Image credits: Cucumbrsandwich

#82 I Have To Drive Past This House Every Time I Visit My Parents. It Is My Nemesis

Image credits: nonasuch

#83 Serious Bond Villain Shit Going On In Joshua Tree

Image credits: xftwitch

#84 Absolutely Bananas Mansion And Suddenly Star Wars

Image credits: randokomando

#85 This Apartment Complex Sexualizing Their Bathrooms

Image credits: Osteopathic_Medicine

#86 This Beauty Near Me… $850k Outside Edmonton, Ab

Image credits: CandidGuidance

#87 13 Of The 56 Photos Of This House Feature This Light Fixture

Image credits: jupitaur9

#88 House On Fire

Image credits: Billy_Da_Frog

#89 I Know It’s Not “Wild” But Come On

Image credits: Scuba_Steve_7_7_7

#90 Close Your Eyes, I Have To Take A Dump

Image credits: lofibeatsforstudying

#91 Is It Normal For NYC Listings To Include A Realtor Photoshoot?

Image credits: tacoboutcats1

#92 Y’all Aren’t Ready For This Bedroom

Image credits: Teddythehedgie

#93 Live Laugh Love

Image credits: cmarie210

#94 Just Your Average Roof Fence

Image credits: pittsbooger

#95 Technically It’s Two Houses, But Y’all Gotta Click On This One To Fully Experience This

Image credits: Teddythehedgie

#96 Lovers Of Symmetry, Shield Your Eyes

Image credits: sweetTXgirl


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