This Pet Owner Trained His Cat To Be A Firefighter

Would you trust your life to a cat? I mean, cats are expendable, and can probably get to you faster than any human. I’d trust a cat with my life. It seems that there’s a possibility of cats becoming trained firefighters! YouTuber and mechanical engineer William Osman has turned his furry companion into a firefighter. The cat may not jump to a burning building, but it can push a button to save people, as Nerdist details: 

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Osman decided to train the cat to put out fires as part of a laser-baby build inspired by The Boys. But while the baby build is entertaining, what’s really fascinating here is the cat training. Because, yes, cat training is just as unreliable—and semi-futile—as one would expect.

Despite the difficulties of training Jimmy Neutron the cat, Osman eventually trained him to press a button And all it took is a contraption with numerous moving pieces powered by servo motors; including a treat dispenser, a clickable button, and, to use Osman’s term, a “flame system.”

Toward the end of the video (around minute 13), Osman placed the cat near a tiny wooden house. Osman then lit the house on fire and waited for his cat to press the button—and thusly douse the flaming house with a spit of water from a tiny fire truck. And while it took the feline a while to screw its courage to the scratching post, it eventually put out the fire.

Image via Nerdist

Source: neatorama

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