This Photo Book by Muji has 504 Pages of People Cleaning Things

Just prior to the pandemic, “we went around the world photographing scenes in which people were pictured cleaning,” writes minimalist homeware brand Muji. “We had been wondering if the very essence of human beings lies dormant in the everyday and ordinary work of cleaning, which transcends culture and civilization.”

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“No matter how technology advances in the future, people are living things, embracing a rhythm of life that perpetually resonates in the depth of the body. We can move forward heeding this natural internal rhythm.”

The 504-page book, called “Cleaning,” is filled with both illustrations and images. At press time it was not yet available in the ‘States. But you can see plenty of images, and even some video montages of cleaning acts captured by Muji’s shooters, here.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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