This photographer sculpts fire into impossible shapes

This Ekaterinburg-based photographer literally sparks his images to life. Stanislav Aristov statically sets his minute match sculptures ablaze. The fire is captured by a macro lens and studio flash as it courses its way across the matches. The images are then edited in photoshop, resulting in striking photographs created with a combination of wood, ash, flame, and smoke.

The contrast between the warm glow of the flame, the charred pitted look of the burnt match, and the smooth smoke conjure up motifs of life, death, time and memories. The charred match represents the past; the fire, the present; and the virgin wood, the future.

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Like many good ideas, Aristov’s ‘Спички’ (translated as ‘Matchsticks’) series came into being because Aristov recognized the potential of an accident: “I was playing with a pack of matches while I was deciding what to photograph for a competition.”

matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-20 matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-23 StanislavAristovPolTergejst02 tumblr_me8t5izoR81rsnzy2o2_500


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