This Photographer Turned His Front Door Into An Analog Camera

The producer behind The Skyscraper Camera Project started a new project right in front of his home – his door, to be exact. Kyle Roper transformed his front door into a large-format analog camera to safely capture portraits during the pandemic. His new photo series called Door Frames, showcased the portraits he was able to take thanks to his front-door camera, as Digital Photography Review detailed: 

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Given ample time at home and the desire to continue creating images while observing social distancing restrictions, Roper converted his front door into a camera obscura using magnetic dry erase board, gaffer’s tape, cardboard boxes, a dark cloth, c-stand, clamps and sandbags. For photo paper and film, Roper uses Ilford RC IV Multigrade Photo Paper, Ilford Direct Positive Paper and Ilford Ortho 80 Plus. His lens of choice is a Nikkor-W 300mm F5.6 lens in a Copal shutter.

Roper states that he was inspired by his friend, Brendan Barry, an artist and camera builder we’ve featured many times before. Roper was also inspirited by the work of Dorothea Lange and Francesca Woodman. The former is a particularly interesting inspiration given Lange’s famous documentary and photojournalism work for the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression.

Image via Digital Photography Review 

Source: neatorama

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