This Plunger Fills a Tall Order for Bathroom Mess

Every once in awhile, the design industry gets clogged with “new innovations,” overflowing with technologies that are revised every year and yet, the products that need revision the most get the toilet seat closed on top of them and overlooked. Savannah, Georgia-based design studio Donttakethisthewrongway was eager to lift the lid on one of these objects—the plunger—to give an unfashionable technology revision it deserves. So, they designed a plunger with the ergonomics of a shovel.

All photography: Oscar Mazzei

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A typical plunger is a stubby rod we hide behind the toilet or under a sink, only to be discovered by embarrassed house guests in need. Whether it’s a friend who’s ashamed of destroying your bathroom, or you, ashamed to be looked at by your dog or cat or husband or child, a plunger is a loyal friend that we cast aside and associate with nothing but poop and splashed-forearms. A Plunger on the other hand, doesn’t like to hide. It stands tall. It’s confident. It’s ready to work. It’s a reminder that, yeah, shit happens.

A Plunger aims to start a conversation over what we prioritize when we choose to design new products by positioning the plunger as a statement piece in the bathroom, not as a product to be ashamed of and hide under the sink (it actually would be quite hard to do so with this one).”

The SCAD alums of Donttakethisthewrongway have given a more confident voice to a product that usually brings us shame and dirty fingernails. By tackling such a low-brow product, they’ve cleared up the design waters and given us an easier way to plunge that keeps us at a safe distance from our own mess.

Source: core77

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