This Saturday’s Open Wire with George Walker

Nice hat, George!

Author George Walker is hosting this Saturday’s Open Wire here on the Lost Art Press blog. You’ll get to ask George about the new book he’s working on with Jim Tolpin, plus ask questions about design, artisan geometry and traditional woodworking – all the good stuff.

George and Jim are the authors of four Lost Art Press Books: “By Hand & Eye,” “By Hound & Eye,” “Truths to Tools” and “Euclid’s Door.”

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George and Jim also run the By Hand & Eye website, where they generously help other woodworkers (and school students) explore the world of artisan geometry.

The pair are hard at work on a new book for Lost Art Press. Here’s what George has to say about it:

Tentatively called “Good Eye, Skilled Hands,” it’s a dive into historic work to uncover timeless lessons about design. We deconstruct the geometry and proportions hidden beneath the surface, secrets that still offer insights for modern furniture builders. Proportions hidden in a medieval coffer or even the geometry built into the framing of a 400-year-old English threshing barn may inspire and guide designs for a contemporary coffee table or a writing desk. It will change the way you see historic work.

You can read a full profile of George here. And of Jim here.

You can also follow them on Instagram: and @jimtolpin.

I hope you will stop by this Saturday and ask George a few questions (Jim might chime in, too). We are opening up the Open Wire to our authors, and so you can look for more guest hosts in the coming weeks.

— Christopher Schwarz


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