This Sneaky Fox Steals A Woman’s Phone, Runs Away While It’s Still Recording, Tries To Bury It

Foxes, the sneaky and adorable members of the canine family, make good pets as they are able to form strong bonds with caring owners. While these high-energy and aloof animals are not for everyone, an extremely dedicated and loving owner will be able to handle the task. If you think you’re ready for this challenge, there are many rescue shelters that are giving up foxes for adoption.

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Recently, a video showing a sneaky fox stealing her carer’s phone went viral

Image credits: Mikayla Raines

One of them is a non-profit rescue called SaveAFox which saves ill and injured foxes from fur farms and rehomes abandoned pet foxes. While trying to help out these quirky animals, the organization also shares some adorable and funny moments of their lives. Recently, they posted a video showing one of their rescues stealing her carer’s phone and trying to bury it. The video, which quickly went viral, left people in stitches by the mischievous fox.

The video starts with the founder of SaveAFox, Mikayla Raines, trying to film a video with the phone placed on the ground. That’s when the sneaky fox named Dixie comes in. Dixie completely ignores Mikayla’s pleas to leave the phone alone, grabs it, and runs away.

The woman goes after the fox, who sprints with the phone in her mouth, still recording the hilarious predicament. After running a long distance without being caught, Dixie tries to bury the phone in the ground. That’s a good way to make sure you’ll get all of the attention to yourself, Dixie!

However, Mikayla catches on and takes the phone away from her, filming her smug little face.

Mikayla decided to open her own rescue after visiting a fur farm for the very first time. After seeing how poorly the foxes are treated there, the kind-hearted woman knew what she had to do. Mikayla put her years of experience volunteering in animal shelters to good use and opened SaveAFox rescue.

Here, she and her loyal volunteers and employees take care of a handful of foxes which were saved off the streets after being abandoned by owners, or have been taken away from fur farms after developing illnesses. If you want to support the organization, you can do that by making a donation here.

Watch the full video below


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