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Thousands flocked to John F. Kennedy International Airport and other airports throughout the country this weekend after President Trump signed an executive order banning passport holders from seven Muslim nations and freezing refugees out for 120 days. The ban included green card holders and refugees in transit to the US when the document was signed, leading to several detainments at airport terminals. By Saturday night, the sidewalk and three stories of a parking garage outside Terminal 4, where two Iraqis had been detained earlier in the day, were flooded with slogans like, “No Ban, No Wall,” and “First They Came for the Muslims…and We Said Not This Time Motherfucker.”  

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On social media, the resistance has been sharing a powerful illustration by author and artist Jamie Hu, which depicts the Statue of Liberty holding a woman in a hijab in a tight embrace. The image started getting traction after Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui shared it with her 3.8 million followers. “Out of all the pieces that I’ve done, however; I’m very glad that the one receiving the most attention and love is this one,” Hu writes on Instagram. “Muslims and refugees deserve just as much protection and love in America as anyone. I will stand by that forever and always.”

Hu’s image has been shared thousands of times, including in the form of a physical sign reproduced at the JFK protest, which continued through Sunday.


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After Judge Ann M. Donnelly of the US District Court stayed Trump’s executive order, the Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that there are no more detainees at airports as a result of the ban. This is a temporary measure, which the courts will decide at a later date whether to make permanent.

In the meantime, permanent residents and immigrants traveling outside of the US remain stranded. Artist Morehshin Allahyari, who was travelling when the order was signed, is among those barred from the US. “i am in Berlin and don’t know what the fuck to do. but I will keep you posted,” she tweeted Saturday.

Salt Lake City artist Hirad Sab was home when the ban was enacted, but his father was home in Iran, planning to return in February, when the ban was enacted. “Looks like it won’t happen!” Sab writes on Facebook. “It’s a weird situation since none of Muslims who have committed terrorism in US soil were from the seven sanctioned countries. Most were from Saudi and Egypt which are not on the list,” he points out.

Hu’s now-iconic illustration, is among a flurry of original art supporting Muslims like Allahyari and Sab. Check them out below.


overcome the devils with a thing called LOVE#muslimban #loveALL

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See more of Jamie Hu’s work on her website.


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