This Stimulating Trip to an Alien Planet Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

Without Pluto in the picture, the odds of another planet entering the picture are more and more likely. With intimate shots showcasing rubble-coated terrain and bodies of water, a macro-shot short video is a theoretical sequence of a possible planet. With sweeping shots that depict every reach of strange, from a grassy knoll to a spiky alien heart, ominous shots of a planet in motion somersault through two minutes of a pulsing soundtrack. Planet 9, as the theoretical planet is called, is the muse of video and motion designer Clemens Wirth‘s eye. The complete video, entitled Kinsetsu, uses the allure of sci-fi graphics in the absence of a large amount of computer generation.

In the video, Planet 9 is prefaced with a caption that declares it discovery in 2004. In another description, the film is described as using live action and practical effects. In its eerie, atmospheric style, the only living beings that could possibly live on Planet 9 would be an alien species. See a few shots from the video below:

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To view more video work by Clement Wirth, visit her website, and her Vimeo page, here.


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