This Tabletop Dryer Can Dry Clothes In Fifteen Minutes!

Now that’s wicked! The Morus, designed by Roy Yan and Axe Yi, is a tiny vacuum dryer that can completely dry and de-wrinkle your clothes in a few minutes! The dryer uses a combination of heat and vacuum to extract the water from laundered clothes, as Yanko Design details: 

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The technology is a little new-fangled, but to uncomplicate how it works – the Morus uses heat to turn water into vapor (not steam), and generates a vacuum to reduce the pressure to just below the vapor pressure of water (0.0313 atm). This basically accelerates the drying process, extracting every bit of water from your clothes so that they’re 100% dry when they come out. A spinning drum on the Morus ensures that every corner of the clothes you put in is exposed to the heat and the vacuum for the highest efficiency, and a reverse-tumble feature makes sure your clothes don’t get crumpled or wrinkled in the process. To top everything off, the Morus even UV sterilizes your clothes before giving them to you, so not only are they perfectly dry, they’re safe and disinfected too!

Image via Yanko Design

Source: neatorama

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