This Week: Special Edition Lump Hammers

On Monday or Tuesday we will begin selling our Special Edition Lump Hammers that feature a machine engraving designed by artist Jenny Bower. We’re making 200 of these this year and hope to make another batch next fall.

These lump hammers have the same characteristics as our regular lump hammers with two differences: the floral engraving on one face of the head, and the octagonal hickory handles have all been hand-scraped by our own Megan Fitzpatrick.

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Machinist Craig Jackson took Jenny’s drawing and translated it into fluid toolpaths that his CNC mills could follow. The process took many hours of work both for Jenny and Craig. And the engraving requires an entirely new machine setup to achieve.

We are delighted with the result. And I am simply working up the courage to start using such a beautiful tool. (Oh, who am I kidding – I immediately beat the snot out of some legs that I was driving into mortises).

If you already own one of our lump hammers, consider getting this one for formal occasions and weddings.

The special edition hammer is $165 and ships free to U.S. customers. If these special edition hammers do not sell out, we will see if there’s any interest from our international retailers in carrying a few. No promises.

We love working with Jenny (and you, too, Craig) on these joint projects and like the touch of floral sexiness they bring to our tools (check out our engraved Brass Center Finder for more).

— Christopher Schwarz


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