This Whiskey Tastes Like Beaver Anal Glands

At one point, perhaps 6,000 years ago, a First Nations hunter in North America discovered that the tasty beaver he had killed had internal sacs positioned near its anus that extrude a fluid that we call castoreum.

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Beavers use these glands to mark their territory with a scent that is vaguely like vanilla. It’s now used as a food additive and a base for perfume production.

Tamworth Distilling in Tamworth, New Hampshire, a producer of small batch whiskeys with fanciful names and flavors, is betting that beaver anal gland extract — which is to say, castoreum — is a good starting point for a whiskey dubbed Eau de Musc. This bourbon has a “leathery, raspberry taste.”

I’ll take a double.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: Tamworth Distilling

Source: neatorama

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