This Wikipedia article is hand-stitched and 13 meters long

Collaboration and is the theme behind Cornelia Parker’s recent work Magna Carta (An Embroidery). In an art piece rooted in social action and civil liberty, the British artist developed a 13-meter long embroidery project replicating the Wikipedia article on the Magna Carta. Of course, Wikipedia articles are collaborations in and of themselves, so the embroidery was completed by over 200 people.

The project’s collaborators included a full range of contributors from public figures to prisoners, with notable contributions by Edward Snowden who embroidered the word “freedom” and Julian Assange who contributed the word “liberty”.

One question remains: what did the embroiderer’s do if the Wikipedia article was edited while they were still stitching?

f5d3018b-9620-421d-ae29-44642859f641-2060x1375A-detail-from-Magna-Carta-009310fd486-1b88-487b-ae55-9c8689068b50-2060x1236Detail of Cornelia Parker working on Magna Carta (An Embroidery) _ Photograph Joseph Turp copystream_imgCE-jEH2WAAAdN-4.jpg largec289b141-e6bc-4f98-9ae6-45740c305a25-1509x2040


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