This Woman Hires A Gen-z Candidate With No Experience, Explains How She Made This Decision

After you spend years working on your education, entering a job market can be daunting, as it may not be what you expect. You’ll start noticing that many of your dream employees require at least a few years of relevant working experience, which you probably don’t have. Even if you manage to get an interview, employees will often question if it’s worth it to teach you and help you build your skills, or if they should just go with someone more experienced. What makes it even worse, many young adults are often perceived as lazy, irresponsible and lacking work ethics.

However, some employees are going against these stereotypes by hiring young people despite their lack of experience and are happy with their choice. One of those employees is a marketing consultant Shaneé Moret, who recently shared an explanation of why her company decided to hire a Gen-Z candidate.

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While a lot of people praised her for not being reluctant to employing people without working experience, others pointed out that a candidate’s age should never be a factor in the hiring process.

A lot of people praised Moret for her willingness to hire inexperience candidates

However, not everyone agreed that age should be a factor in the hiring process


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