This Woman Quit Teaching To Work At Costco And She Says She’s Never Been Happier

In a 2022 study of over 4,000 teachers, 81% said their overall workload has increased. Additionally, more than half (55%) said they have less planning time due to staff shortages and other factors. The mixture of extra work and fewer resources has caused unprecedented stress in the profession, which has lead to increased levels of burnout.

As a result, the education sector has been losing employees. One of them is a woman who goes on the internet by the nickname Millennial Ms. Frizzle. Recently, she quit teaching for a position at Costco and her comparisons of the two jobs really put the aforementioned numbers into perspective.

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Content creator who’s known online as Millennial Ms. Frizzle has just got real about how bad teachers have it

And explained why she’s much happier after leaving the education system for a job in retail

Her TikTok went viral

@millennialmsfrizz I used to be a teacher and now I work at Costco. This is my first year not having a winter break. I do not miss it at all. My pace of my work life now is so much better, I am not sick or exhausted like I used to be when I was a teacher. When I was a teacher I used my winter break basically to recover and go into the next semester of just surviving. #f#formerteachert#teacherquittokc#costcotiktokr#retailworkere#exteachertiktokc#careertransitiont#teachersonbreak ♬ original sound – Millennial Ms. Frizzle

So she soon made a follow-up, comparing the support has at Costco versus the one she received at school

This video also received a lot of attention

@millennialmsfrizz Are used to be a teacher and now I work at Costco. I finally figured out that the biggest difference in working as a teacher and now working at Costco is the mindset in the environment. When I was a teacher the scarcity mindset was absolutely draining. Teachers are always suspected, rarely supported and in general have to fight for themselves. It doesn’t matter in a school how many credentials a teacher has, how well trained they are, teachers are always approached with this environment of scarcity. at Costco I have the supplies that I need to do my job, I am giving regular breaks, I am supported by my managers, my managers go above and beyond to look out for me, and I am given relevant training on the job during work hours. I am not expected to do my own training above and beyond on my own time. I am approached with understanding, and support. I never had those things as a teacher. #t#teacherlifef#formerteachert#teacherquittokc#costcotiktokr#retailworkersK#KAYKissCountdown ♬ original sound – Millennial Ms. Frizzle

But some people still don’t understand why teaching is difficult

So Millennial Ms. Frizzle took the time to educate them as well

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She uploaded more videos, discussing the topic further

@millennialmsfrizz I do not miss the “breaks” from teaching. I have worked through summer, thanksgiving and winter break now. When I was a teacher I would be at the edge of being sick and then as soon as break started I would immediately get sick. It was more than being physically sick, it was the mental and emotional fatigue, too. I spent my breaks recovering and dreading getting drained again. #CODSquadUp #formerteacher #teacheronbreak #teacheronbreakstuff #formerteacher #teachersoftiktok #teacherquittok ♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

@millennialmsfrizz Replying to @adjohannes are teacher soft or are you lacking empathy? are teachers too sensitive, or are you completely out of touch? Are teachers whining, or are you refusing to look at how badly teachers and students are treated? ##educationcrisis##teachersoftiktok##teacherquittok##formerteacher##CODSquadUp ♬ original sound – Millennial Ms. Frizzle

@millennialmsfrizz Maybe someday I will fully realize how deeply messed up the education system is, but that day has not yet come. I was literally driving home just thinking about how different it is to work for Costco versus being a teacher and this one struck me like a lightning bolt. #costcotiktok #KAYKissCountdown #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #teacherquittok #formerteachers ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

@millennialmsfrizz Replying to @ghoulgirl0129 I understand that my content is really disruptive to peoples ideas about teachers, and what school is. I know that it makes you uncomfortable when I speak this honestly. I’m not concerned with making you comfortable or letting you sit in the dark. Remember the housing crisis? The education bubble is about to burst ##educationcrisis##teachersoftiktok##teacherquittok##formerteacher##CODSquadUp ♬ Hope (2 Min Edit) – Max Farrar

@millennialmsfrizz Replying to @vvvalerievvvalerie truly though, education is a never ending parade of being told that someone who had it worse than you managed to figure it out, so you will too. It’s gaslighting, it’s toxic positivity, it’s a scarcity mindset and it’s just abusive. Also, no, I did not have a union in the state where this happened. #teachersoftiktok #teacherquittok #formerteacher ♬ original sound – Millennial Ms. Frizzle

And the internet has a lot to say about it too

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