Thomas Medicus’ 3D glass sculpture recreates butterfly metamorphosis

Imagine if you can freeze a butterfly’s metamorphosis in one digital moment.

That’s exactly what intrigued Austrian artist Thomas Medicus to create his 3D tessellated pieces of glass sculptures. His series of digitally transformed triangular sculptures are what he calls “Crystalis.” They ultimately borrow their forms from the butterfly’s transformation age called the chrysalis or the pupae. This is the metamorphosis stage right before they rip their cocoons open to come out into the world.

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The structure is first drawn and modeled on a computer program. After the initial phase is done, the glass fragments will then be manually cut and pieced together to form the chrysalis. The driftwood was a concept that came from merging the natural phenomenon to the digital world. According to Medicus, the purpose of this 3D art was “creating digitally designed chrysalis that occupies natural habitats, thereby the project deals with the relation between architecture and nature.



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