Thoughtful Design: A Thumbtack that Doesn't Actually Pierce the Paper

This beautiful design for a thumbtack, manufactured by Tokyo-based Hitachi Spring Co., exploits that company’s coiling expertise to hold paper without piercing it:

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“A spring clip pin that holds paper without making a hole is a thumbtack that combines a needle and a spring. You can fasten important paper such as posters and cards to the wall without making holes.”

“The pin is made of a single piece of metal wire, and holds the paper between the springs. The size is F15, which is easy to handle with your fingertips. If you move the spring like this…

…a gap will be created and it will be easier to pinch the paper.”

It’s fun watching them being made:

Unsurprisingly, they’re not cheap. A four-pack runs ¥1,100 (USD $7.71).

Source: core77

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