Three Fantastic Designs for Transforming Tables

Our most successful video of all time, with some 17-million-plus views, is of the transforming furniture at Resource Furniture’s Manhattan showroom. Being seven years old the resolution is terrible, which we realize, but we at least showed the furniture doing its thing with minimal fluff and fuss.

Here are three other cool designs for transforming furniture–that have absolutely horrible videos.

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Whomever shot and scored Ozzio’s 4×4 Table video ought to be sent back to film school:

The video for ATIM’s Party Mensola table is mercifully free of awful music, but adds a black border around the picture, making it smaller for no reason:

And this otherwise fantastic design for HWB’s Hidden Dining Table features the world’s worst music, and takes way too long to get to the point:

Let this serve as a reminder to you designers: People want to see your work, as largely, clearly, dynamically and quickly as possible. No one wants to hear your taste in music.

Source: core77

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