Three Fingers in a Jar: Body Parts as a Tourist Attraction

Carl Bach threatened to kill his wife Mary in 1881. She kicked him out of the house, but he returned and indeed killed her in most gruesome way. It’s a tragic story that happens everywhere, but Carl’s murder trial was the most sensational thing that had happened in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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When a new courthouse was built a few years later, it included an exhibit from the trial, including the murder weapon, the noose used to hang Carl Bach, and three of Mary’s fingers he had hacked off, preserved in a jar. The display stayed there for almost a century, then was transferred to the Wood County Museum in 1979. The locals had mixed feelings about the exhibit over time, but people traveled from far and wide to see the three fingers in a jar. In more modern times, the unseemliness of displaying human body parts prompted the museum to remove the exhibit in 2014, but due to popular demand, they were again displayed beginning in 2020. Read about the case, the exhibit, and the controversy over Mary Bach’s fingers at Jstor Daily. -via Strange Company

If you really want to see the fingers, Roadside America covers the exhibit.

(Image credit: The Wood County Historical Society)

Source: neatorama

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