Three Great Ideas on What to Do With Old Bowling Balls

We asked you for ideas on what to do with old bowling balls, which are unrecyclable. Comments piled in, and at press time at least three stood out.

Photo by Persnickety Prints on Unsplash

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1. I’d mentioned wanting to use bowling balls to hold in mulch beds, but worried that they’d roll away. Reader Jon Plummer had the fix:

“Rolling away is easily solved: the discarded balls already have finger holes and a rebar stake likely fits the largest of these. Put one at each corner of planted beds to prevent dragging the hose across the plants.”

2. Another good one: Reader Spencer Williams suggested “Make a positioning table!” He posted this link, from welder Claude Ouellet:

“I actually started down this road myself, and to get the bowling ball I just went to a local alley and asked nicely,” Williams writes. “They have lots of bowling balls that nobody’s allowed to use any more (risk of chipping, or the finger holes are already eroded out).”

3. Lastly, reader Zack Port had a practical idea that I could definitely see succeeding, given current trends:

“In the fitness vein, wrap them in leather and sell them as artisanal upcycled medicine balls and you’ve got a solid Kickstarter project.”

Source: core77

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