TikTok Therapist Explains How Capitalism Is Screwing With Our Mental Health

Ever catch yourself feeling anxious and burned out—like there’s no good left in this world? Well, you’re definitely not alone. It can be hard to grasp the cause behind all this but thanks to TikTok user pearcetherapy, we can learn about one possible explanation—capitalism.

Therapist, writer, and educator L.S. Pearce went viral after creating part 2 of her “Capitalism Is Bad For Mental Health” video series, in which she points out how this system is deteriorating our emotional well-being.

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Her post went viral, collecting more than 124K views and 2.1K comments in just a few days. “It’s really no surprise that mental health issues are exploding in [the US] especially,” the creator of this video said. Dealing with our messed up world can be tiring, “and it’s okay to be mad about that”.

Eventually, the clip made its way to the Anti Work subreddit, a community dedicated to those who mildly dislike or straight-up loathe the idea of overworking or working in general. Check out the full video below and make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section.

L.S. Pearce is a therapist, writer, and educator who has over a decade of experience working in mental health and addiction

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In her viral TikTok video, she breaks down how capitalism plays a big role in deteriorating our mental health

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Watch the full clip right here

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L.S. Pearce, who is a registered associate clinical social worker, kicks off the video by looking up from Capital by Karl Marx. She starts listing reasons why we might feel outraged or unhappy with the capitalist world we live in. Not to mention that being “gas-lit by politicians, by the media and by economists” only adds fuel to the fire.

In just two minutes, the therapist managed to outline the situation in a clear manner, suggesting that the majority of our mental problems would disappear if we didn’t have to spend our most precious resource—hours of our lives—just trying to survive.

Despite the headlines shouting that our way of life is constantly improving, there are plenty of stressors that wear down our mental stability. Physiological (water, shelter, clothing) and safety needs (employment, health) are our basic human necessities that need to be met if we want to live a fulfilling life.

Yet, according to Absolute Advocacy, mental health, DWI, and substance abuse education providers in North Carolina, “By failing to provide too many Americans with our physiological and safety needs, capitalism dooms our mental health to fail.”

Here’s part 1 of her ​“Capitalism Is Bad For Mental Health” video series

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When it comes to facing troubles with food, shelter, and other essentials in life, often these problems are linked with one another. “Without employment, one is more likely to encounter problems with food, water, and homelessness; without a home, it is much harder for our citizens to have gainful employment,” Absolute Advocacy explained.

Facing these issues individually may not have a major impact on our emotional well-being. However, constantly feeling the lack of financial security and other burdens caused by our current economic system can bring about high levels of stress, which can lead to mental illness.

It seems that if people want to tackle this mental health crisis and prevent it from spreading even further, “the very structure of American society needs to change.” L.S. Pierce also mentioned in her video how much healthier and happier we would be if the government worked to take care of our basic needs instead of watching how the most powerful “enjoy unimaginable wealth and leisure, while they burn the planet down around us.”

If you’re starting to feel miserable thinking that this problem is unsolvable, just remember that “however you feel about that is normal, healthy and valid.” Reorganizing the whole system might be impossible but making small changes and focusing on healing can help you downsize the stressors and improve your daily life.

People had a lot to say about the video, here are some honest responses:

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