TikTok Users Share 35 Stories Of When They Encountered A Rich Person Who Was Out Of Touch With Reality

People with low incomes know what lavish lives the rich live because their aim is to reach that financial freedom. But rich people don’t have an interest in knowing how poorer people live and might not even be aware of the levels of poverty that exist.

That leads to some pretty weird questions and statements that show how out of touch with reality they are, as evident from people’s experiences that they shared on TikTok when user mymentalhealthcannot pointed out that they ask outlandish things like “Do you ski?”

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When I was a barista at a coffee shop, I was kind of standing there cleaning up behind the counter. And then the people that were like sitting out in the lobby, at a table, were talking about something and they were like all pharmaceutical reps. And so one of them says something like, “imagine a really, really poor person, like a really like poor person, like someone who makes like $52,000 a year.” And everyone else just stoped because like, I was the manager and I was making $27,000 a year, so rich people can get f**ked

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This girl at uni once asked me if I “sail” !? Like yeah, I see what’s on sail and that’s what I buy.

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a rich classmate once told me “we only go to vacation 4 times a year” that’s 4 more times than me ?

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So my wife didn’t grow up rich but she grew up very comfortable in a fairly affluent neighborhood and I grew up in poverty. But she one time when we started dating said to me in random conversation, “do you remember when we used to have like astronauts come speak at your school? You know, like the ones that were like the dads of your classmates?” No I do not remember

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My ex at one point asked me “how is it that hard to save up for a brand new car?” Honey there’s people that go their whole lives never get one.

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I had a classmate a guy asked me why I was working a full-time job in college. He proceeded to say, “well don’t you know that your schoolwork is going to be affected by you working at that much? ” You think I want to work a full-time job and go to school?

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I had a rich friend recommended I talked to my family therapist.

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A girl in college once told me it’s better to buy an apartment in NYC than to rent one as I was doing. ? I was like girl, I have a scholarship

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A friend asked me if I have a horse ? I was like what the hell do u mean a horse???

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I once had a student asked if the HOA where I live allowed me to put up my own Christmas lights because their HOA was really rigid and they had to hire out a third party contractor. They’re saying this while I am eating my lunch out of the container that my lunch meat comes in that I use as Tupperware.

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So I grew up around people who had, you know, a good amount of money. And some of my friends had so much money, they didn’t need to work. And because of that, they were just so lonely and no one actually liked them for them. They just kind of liked them for the stuff that they had and the experiences that they brought. Anyway, so they would call me in the morning and be like, “Hey, you want to hang out with me today?” And I’d say, you know, “I gotta go to work today. I can’t.” And they would be like, “well, how much do you make in a day? ” And I would tell them how much I made and they said, “Well, I’ll give you two times that amount of money. If you skip work and hang out with me today.” It doesn’t work like that.

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I had this co-worker. Her husband was very high up in McDonald’s corporate so they’re making a lot of money. Anyway she was trying to put some woman down and she calls her low rent. Low rent? She says that low rent b***h. Ma’am low rent? I’ve heard white trash, low class, whatever, low rent. I was like, “Isn’t low rent a good thing?” Am I a low rent b***h?

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So I had this one friend in college and she didn’t ask me anything crazy, but she definitely made a lot of weird statements. And one of my favorites was when she was telling us how her family only uses the Audi for vacations. And I was like, “Oh, well, if your family only use the Audi for vacations, like what are your parents drive to work? ” And she was like, well, the Maserati, of course.” Of course, the Maserati like how stupid could I be? Of course, they just take the Maserati to work

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My first year of teaching was wild for many reasons. But one of those is because it was quite the culture shock for me. So I had students who lived in environments so awful that I just couldn’t even wrap my brain around it. And then I had some students who at the age of 11, had more money than I will ever dream of making in my entire life. So it’s the end of the school year, and I had the student who was, you know, a really strong singer, and I told her, “You really should think about auditioning for this community theater show.” And she looked at me so seriously and said, “Oh, I would love to but we summer in Vermont”

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One time I had a rich person convinced me to go jewelry shopping with them, because they were like, “Tiffany, you have to go to this diamond store with us. The diamonds are literally so cheap.” And I was like, “You know, I’m not really in the market for diamonds right now.” And they were like, “No, you have to come.” And so I was like, you know, maybe they are really that cheap. I get to the store and I can’t afford anything. Nothing. And then that rich person comes up to me and she’s like, “Oh, Tiffany, you’re not getting anything?” And I have to be like, “oh, yeah, you know, it’s just there’s so many options. I’m overwhelmed, overwhelmed by the price tags.”

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I was telling my friend I didn’t have money to buy tickets to see my family in Dominican Republic. And my friend that has money told me “use your credit card.” I was like, “Dude, I don’t even have credit.”

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I grew up with like a lot of rich Asian kids in the California and one day my friend was like, “How do you tell your parents when you don’t like the car they surprise you with? I was like, “What are you talking about?” She’s like,” Yeah, my mom just surprise me with this car for my 18th birthday. And I hate it because it’s like a Mercedes convertible. And I want a four door car like, it is so annoying. Like, how do I tell her to buy me another car?” And I was just like, “I take the bus every day.”

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My ex thought it was my choice to not go to college and called me uneducated in front of his whole family. Sorry I don’t have money or an army dad

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People who grew up with money like literally look into your eyes and ask you something insane like “do you ski?”

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This reminds me of when I was in college and I was talking to this girl who was in a sorority and I was like, “oh, sorority Greek life. That sounds fun.” I knew nothing about sororities, by the way. And she’s like, “Yeah, I pay like $400 a month and then I spend 40 hours a week volunteering and hanging out and I have all these commitments.” I’m like, I have to pay to have a full time job, that I don’t get paid for? How do you afford that?

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I had a friend that asked me if I have ever used public transport in my life bc she never used and she was curious about the feeling ?

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So for the last two years of high school, I transferred to a private school in Orange County, southern California. And one of my friends at the time, was asking like, “what color do you think I should make the BMW logo on my car?” Because not only did her family give each of the kids a BMW when they turn 16. They got to customize the colors of the decals. She chose pink

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They were trying to figure out where we would go for a grade 12 trip and my friend suggested Punta Cana and I just like flat out said there’s no way I’d be able to afford that. And she was like, “Well, can you just ask your parents for like, $2,000?” Yeah, yeah….

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Insane like, multimillion dollar house custom couch that came with the house, but it doesn’t match the kitchen backsplash and asking should she get a new couch or remodel the kitchen? I haven’t even remodeled any kitchen. Never have I ever chosen my own backsplash.

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when a girl from my uni asked me if I’d ever been to Paris. I’ve never even been on a plane but thanks for asking

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I had to buy a new laptop for some reasons and people in my class (basically all rich) told me “you can find cheap one tho, mine only cost 1200€” ?

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Those were the same kids in high school that told you their vacation plans at the end of the school year. “We’re going to Disney and then we’re gonna go to the beach and then my mom was thinking that we might go to Italy. I don’t know it just seems like a lot of traveling.” Nobody f**king asked, Bethany.

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In college my rich housemate went and bought a vacuum for the house because we needed one. And I was like, “yeah, cool, just like let us know what our portion is.” And she comes back home with like a $600 vacuum. And I just straight up said “I’m not paying my portion. I can’t afford a $600 vacuum and you did not consult me on this at all.”

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When they start going off about different cuisines and restaurants they like and I consider McDo as a seldom treat.

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my college roommate asking me why my parents didn’t pay for my college

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Just met my roommate this week and we’re going to the grocery store together and she was like “I’m gonna go to Trader Joe’s” and she had the audacity to ask “can you afford it?”

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My husband got asked what boarding school we sent our kids to, um we don’t, they go to public school ? LOL

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My friend in uni asked me ‘what’s this?’ Holding up a small ‘meat and vegetables’ from the instant cup noodles

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my co-worker who worked “for fun” literally asked me if I had a chofer, like what???????

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Or when you can’t afford to go on vacation with them they tell you to ask your parents for money as an early birthday present. ?

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