TikToker Shares “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” Thing She Used To Do, It Goes Viral And Others Join The Trend

A Manic Pixie Dream Girl is defined as a female character who’s “quirky” and “unusual” but really exists only for the development of the male lead. Think of a female damsel in distress that film critics argue is edgy and fun at best and a cliché or even a sexist stereotype, at worst.

Recently, the term resurfaced again after TikToker Amy Lovatt asked everyone to share “the most Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing” they used to do.

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Hers was bringing a trifle (a particular dessert) whenever she’d go to a party. “It was like, look at me, I am so quirky,” Amy recounted in her viral video.

More people joined the trend to share their own MPDG moments and it’s both hilarious and somewhat painfully relatable.

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Wore coloured contacts everywhere and stared at people like this until they noticed.

Image credits: georginaarbon


I would wear a mini skirt and knee high leather boots, and carry a hiking backpack to parties. What was in the backpack? That was the mystery

Image credits: mommatribe


Use something overly utilitarian as purse: lunch box, old camera case, thermos, basket

Image credits: jjstewart1076


My best friend would bring a lemon to every party and very casually eat it

Image credits: youarenotinwonderland


Wore an Elvis Presley T-shirt with an Aladdin looking vest and drank rain water out of mason jars.

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I wore fairy wings to class a lot and wore vintage ball gowns to punk shows (those poor dresses)

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I would wear 2-3 cereal box watches at once and put flowers in my docs and tell ppl i knew how to palm read when i couldnt id jusy make it up

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I would just like quote Clementine from eternal sunshine and pretend it was my own thoughts.

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I drew on my converse to show that I was artistic and quirky I also stood pigeon toed so that you could recognize I wasn’t like other girls hehe

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Used to research unknown bands with terrible music and know just enough about them to seem indie and mysterious

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Carried tarot cards wrapped in a vintage scarf and bubbles in my purse at all times “just in case”

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I’d read books, but up in a tree *so mysterious*

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I had “more energy” on days where I felt like it would rain because it was “more beautiful than sunshine”.

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I used to run into doors and trip on purpose.

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l used to take books to parties and read while drinking wine while my friends were normal college kids and partied accordingly

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I would put daisies through my ears as earrings

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I was in college during the height of this trope and I wore massive cassete tape earrings or rubber goldfish earrings or heart shaped glasses.


i used to stick a guitar pick in my hair clip/barrette so people would know i was a musician


i walked around school in just my socks no shoes for two years


I wore a tiara to school for months a private school with uniforms


Only ever having one fingernail painted and wearing a mohican hat


wore a vintage army uniform shirt for a jacket and actual ballet slippers for shoes.


ran an Elvish blog


I’d wear bright rain boots everywhere… when it wasn’t raining…
incase I found a puddle to jump in.


I carried around a cat puppet.


In high school I would wear one green converse and one blue converse and both had neon green laces

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… I only dated people for a month, and in that month I would make sure I changed their life by enrolling them in school or getting them a job…


What didn’t I do? I used to take my shoes off and splash in every fountain I saw because I was ‘living in the moment’


i bought a bunch of miniature people like the tiny ones for model train sets and would give them out randomly to ppl with no explanation


I used to carry 5+ apples in my bag at all times so I could give them out to people. I also had a month in 2006 where I wore roller skates everywhere.


I used to say spring onion crisps made me hyper. When I ate them I used to run around and act manic




I strung individual faux pearls onto my actual hair (this was when feather hair extensions were popular) but I did pearls because I was different


Prom dresses and combat boots


I would doodle on my backpack and write song lyrics on everything and when people asked what they’re from I’d be like ‘you haven’t heard of them…’


I had a vintage fedora that I wore A LOT with non-vintage outfits… I still feel the shame when I see the photos


Instead of saying hi to people for a solid year i used to say happy birthday

Image credits: pinkhairedenby


I pretended I snorted when I laughed! I ONLY read ~classics~ in high school. I did go on to get a lit degree so ig I’m still living the dream


Army boots with beads threaded on the laces. Feather boas. An insane number of beads, clips, hair glitter, ribbons in my hair. oh and bindhis


for some reason mine was that I used to claim I couldn’t ride a bike… even though I could ride a bike?


Ate bell peppers like apples in class


Does reading while walking down the halls at school and running a library out of my locker count?


Embroidered the knees on my jeans with flowers. Writing my journal CONSTANTLY. Nothing more dull than a tween stream of consciousness.


Painted a toilet


I went to school with a girl who made a huge deal about being scared of stickers


wrote “die young” on the heels of my converse in 8th grade then had a teacher pull me aside to ask if everything was ok at home


I remember laying in the grass while drunk to feel wild and free and it was just in a weird spot to do so and my friend was like “uh can you get up?”


I’m ashamed to admit I was ukulele girl


i did mascara on one eye to look like the Clockwork Orange guy. I watched that movie once and didn’t even fully understand it


wearing the tweed jackets of dead old men


Bubbles in my purse when I would try to stop smoking, so I would take bubble breaks


I used to talk about Bob Dylan all the time and I don’t think I’ve heard a single song

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I would wear thrift store clothes and tell people it was because “I like wearing other people’s stories on me.” *HEAVES*

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Project my internalised misogyny on every other women I met.


I would read in public but actively try to ~look mysterious~ and wait for people to ask me what I was reading (they never did)


Wore a belt I made out of my grandfather’s GM seatbelt parts.


Going out in the rain on purpose


I’d take my journal everywhere to write down funny moments and quotes I wanted to remember. Now I’m a journalist


I would drop pennies as I walked so people could find them and have good luck
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