Timberland's New Pro Reaxion Safety Shoes

While Timberland initially made their name with rugged outdoor footwear (and again by taking the ’90s hip hop world by storm), the brand has steadily evolved with the times in what ought be a lesson for many heritage brands.

Today the 68-year-old company’s footwear is as likely to be found on the feet of forklift operators and dockworkers as on lumberjacks, and I think they’ve done a good job updating the aesthetics of their Pro line:

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For those in indoor industrial settings, they’ve also got a comprehensive line of low-top safety shoes with protective toes:

The latest addition to this latter line is their Pro Reaxion series, aimed at folks who spend their days walking around on concrete floors and steel catwalks.

Leather uppers cap composite safety toes, while the “Aerocore” outsoles feature TPU for high rebound/less fatigue, capped with non-slip soles in rubber for ground contact, so you can step in a “hot” puddle without getting your circuits fried. And the brightly-colored sidewalls make you a bit more discernible in a factory environment.

(The shoes are also a marketing win for BASF, who provided the polyurethane for the midsoles and the TPU for the outsoles, and got their brand on the promo materials. High-profile collaboration FTW.)

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