Time to Talk Is a Moody Timepiece

Time to Talk Is a Moody Timepiece

If you’re of a certain age, the words “mood ring” might possibly evoke memories of a short but prolific fad with rings made to change colors in relation to body temperature, supposedly revealing the emotional state of its wearer. That same conceit is behind Time to Talk, a moody thermochromic timepiece created in partnership between watch company Triwa and Mind, a Swedish non-profit mental healthy advocacy organization.

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Conceived as a “timepiece to get men to talk about their feelings,” Swedish suicide prevention charity Mind’s collaboration with watchmaker Triwa disguises its mindful intent with a contemporary take on the classic timepiece silhouette, complete with detailing traditionally associated with the male gender, specifically a significant bezel and a singular crown.

Similar to the mood ring of yore, the watch dial’s heat-reactive center changes color dependent upon body temperature. Perhaps more importantly, the back of the watch includes the engraved “90101,” the phone number of Sweden’s national suicide helpline – open 24 hours a day, all year round.

The silence among men is a massive problem. I have seen the consequences up close. So we have to find new ways to talk, and I hope this initiative can be a part of it.

– Erik Lundin, Swedish Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist and Time to Talk ambassador

Mind and Triwa’s collaboration also underlines suicide helpline calls in 2021 increased dramatically; during the period January–October, Mind received 64,400 calls, compared to 44,100 calls in the same period a year prior. About a third of those who called were men.

The limited-edition timepiece “Time To Talk” is available exclusively online for $219.

Source: design-milk

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