Timothy Wilmot's Multi-Function Tool Cart

Last week we looked at Systainer/Festool’s MW 1000, a tool-toting handtruck that turns into a mobile workbench.

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Reader Tim Golnik pointed out:

“Years before the Festool version, a maker/fine woodworker named Timothy Wilmots designed a version that can be made by hobbyists and makers at home called the ‘MFTC.’ It’s obvious that Festool borrowed heavily, yet it appears they didn’t consult with him or involve him in the process. Festool of course added a ton of innovation and manufacturing polish to the idea, but I wonder if it would have been even better if they brought him in to consult or help in some way.”

The name Timothy Wilmots rang a bell; Golnik’s comment reminded me that we posted a very clever design by Wilmots a few years ago, his MFSC Table, a six-function shop cart that took three years to design.

Following Golnik’s link to the MFTC, which I hadn’t seen before, it is indeed a brilliant design:

After watching that, I think Wilmots’ design is far superior to the Systainer-designed Festool version. The table set-up is far less effort, and the lower shelf provides a convenient way to store power tools with bits or blades protruding from their bases. The expansion units for the table surface appear to set up quickly. On top of that, the overall design is simply more elegant, which is impressive considering that Wilmots does not have access to the aluminum extruding and ABS injection molding equipment that Systainer’s designers have.

Wilmots—who has sadly retired from making furniture—still sells the plans for the MFTC (and the MFSC, for that matter). Posted on the plans page are photos from the many craftspeople who have built their own versions using Wilmots’ plans, which is cool to see. The price is a piddling €8.26 (USD $8.82).

Thanks to Golnik for the heads-up!

Source: core77

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