Tiny Everyday Carry Objects by MecArmy

The EDC space is fun to watch, because it’s got a fanatic base of customers and no shortage of companies attempting to satisfy them with new design twists. The offerings range from innovative to useless, from clever to hilarious; it’s one of the few categories I can think of where product designers are rewarded for experimentation, and the standard rules for what is useful do not always apply.

MecArmy is one of the companies vying for a slice of the EDC pie, and their objects skirt that line between “That might come in handy in a pinch” and “Why on Earth would anyone…?” Some cases in point:

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The CPLU is a small USB-rechargeable LED light that clips to a watchband.

The similar CPL3 is a little LED light that attaches to a knife clip.

The CH6 is a titanium mini-carabiner with a visually interesting twist on the latch spring. (I wonder how well it works if you get dirt or grit in there.)

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The CMP2 is a tiny compass that comes in brass, copper or titanium.

The TKT is a “titanium knuckle” with a little blade on the end of it.

I’m curious about that little brass thingy on the right in the last photo, but I scoured their website and it appears to have been scrubbed from the lineup.

If this sort of stuff is your thing, there’s plenty more to see here. Their product line-up is absurdly deep.

Source: core77

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