Tiny Passive Home Saves And Creates Space With An Expandable Roof And Multifunctional Furniture

The Brook is a tiny home in Rosebrook, Australia. The 27-square meter home was designed by Small Not Tiny, and incorporates hidden storage compartments, multifunctional furniture, and expanding frames to make the place liveable regardless of its size. In addition to its features, the tiny home was designed to be a passive house with a fully off-grid solar panel system: 

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Designed to be a passive home, The Brook hosts a fully off-grid solar panel system on its roof stocked with batteries and a backup generator to ensure a constant flow of power when needed. The roof itself also expands in height on a telescopic frame. During the transportation of The Brook, height parameters margined the home to a height of five meters. Once transported and situated into place, telescopic framing had the uppermost walls fold in so the roof could expand before locking the walls back into place, creating a lofty sleeping area and high ceilings.

The loftiness inside The Brook was inspired by New York-style apartments, bringing expansive glazed glass windows and an industrial aesthetic with a mid-century modern flair to Australia’s regional setting. Throughout the home, recycled brass elements and metal mesh shelving add to the home’s rustic energy and multipurpose outfittings. Copper and ply louvers border the perimeter of the home on both floors and pivot doors provide access to the home’s south and west sides to offer plenty of fresh air and cross-ventilation.

Source: neatorama

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