Tired Of Being Served Drinks In Weird Containers, People Join The ‘We Want Cups’ Community Where They Share The Most Hilarious Examples (78 Pics)

Don’t tell me it’s not fun to get your soda served in a soup container or a hazelnut latte served in a… can of Nutella? Okay, just kidding. This sounds like sheer torture, and who even does this? I mean, big round of applause for business owners who take their creativity to a whole new level, but there should be boundaries of common sense and functionality.

Well, if you’ve ever had your drink served in a ludicrous container and dreamed of having a good old cup instead, this online community is for you. The “We Want Cups” subreddit is a safe place to share our frustration by showcasing drinks that should have (but unfortunately, haven’t) been served in cups.

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And oh boy, the whole collection is some painfully funny entertainment that will make you reevaluate your boring ceramic morning cuppa with a stupid scribble on it, because as you see, it always can get much worse.

#1 Portobello Mushroom Latte, Me

Image credits: TheTinyWenis

#2 Cocktail In A Bag. The Color Didn’t Help

Image credits: Moztar55

#3 Hot Coffee… Too Hot To Hold The Bowl. We Want Cups!! (Or At Least A Friggin Handle)

Image credits: debaucherist

#4 I Love It When My Drink Is In A Baby Doll Head

Image credits: gloomymin

#5 This Cocktail Comes In An Ash Tray With A “Chocolate Cigar” Straw…

Image credits: trev_borg

#6 A Cocktail In Two Parts. Equally Stupid

Image credits: Obeyus

#7 This Baby Bottle Of Creamer

Image credits: shtuffit

#8 Here’s One You Can’t Even Set Down

Image credits: createdamadman

#9 Cocktail In A Garden Pot

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: serenitynoow

#10 Rose Latte At A Toilet-Themed Cafe In Seoul

Image credits: ButteryCats

#11 Thought They’d Run Out Of Cups… Nope, This Is The Drinking Glass

Image credits: littlelizzyhid

#12 A Cup Of Milk

Image credits: minareke

#13 Jello Shots Being Served Out Of Hard-Boiled Eggs

Image credits: cladinacape

#14 A Margarita Served In An Iv Bag With A Syringe Full Of Jello Shot

Image credits: anziebananzie

#15 I Bring You… The Chambong

Image credits: Mexicorn

#16 Thought This Cocktail Was A Sauce For My Food At First

Image credits: GorillaTrainer

#17 ‘For Here Or To Go’

Image credits: BOOMERANGxbrb

#18 “Er Margarita” Served In An Iv Bag

Image credits: set_fire_to_yourmom

#19 A Nice Chipped Shell To Cut Your Lips With The Cocktail

Image credits: phippsyd

#20 Just Found This Sub. Had This Crazy Thing In Toronto

Image credits: Snugbun7

#21 Not Even Sure How To Drink Out Of This Thing? Maybe A Straw?

Image credits: esseeayen

#22 How Did They Even Pour Into This

Image credits: oh-i-wont-hesitate

#23 Another Bathtub, But With A Ducky

Image credits: Jenasia

#24 Those Aren’t Chopsticks, They’re Straws

Image credits: MonsieurEff

#25 Thanks, I Hate Milk Cube

Image credits: 90DayIsCrack

#26 A Friend Ordered A Cocktail And Got It In A Pouch

Image credits: BoomSkinnyBone

#27 Ordered A Pepsi To Go. Came Out In A Soup Bowl

Image credits: FriskyPinecone

#28 Saw A Friend Post This Drink In A Spam Container And Was Appalled

Image credits: maryrach

#29 A Shoe? You’ve Officially Carried It Too Far Biddy

Image credits: JRB_mk44

#30 Tidepods Now With Booze

Image credits: bluethunder940

#31 Cursed Cocktail

Image credits: emma_veisegaard

#32 Trashy Drink

Image credits: wednesdaytuesdaythur

#33 Why Using A Cup When You Can Drink From A (Plastic) Rock?

Image credits: ReddoByakko

#34 $12 Gin & Tonic, 98% Tonic. Straw Cut With A Knife Because Apparently I Don’t Deserve A Whole Straw

Image credits: Radiodead31

#35 Drink In A Bell. Hmss, Bristol UK

Image credits: red-gloved-rider

#36 Thanks, I Hate It

Image credits: kain0rer

#37 I Guess There Is Technically A Glass, The Drink Just Isn’t In It

Image credits: Cmixoops

#38 Our Cocktails Were Served In Inverted And Out Of Shape Fish Tanks

Image credits: anothercyclops

#39 Hmm

Image credits: brolivia

#40 High Heel = High Class

Image credits: TurtleInTraining

#41 This Woman’s Drink Is In A Candlestick

Image credits: filbertsnuts

#42 You Knew This Was Coming

Image credits: grynkorv

#43 This Cafe Serves A ‘Nutella Latte’ In The Original Container If There’s Only Enough Left For One Serving. (Of Course They Ask Beforehand If You Want It In The Bottle Or Regular Cup. Yum Melted Plastic)

Image credits: e_hong

#44 Lemonade In A Lightbulb?

Image credits: SBORBS

#45 My Mojito Just Arrived In A Plastic Bag. In A Small Trolley. Smh

Image credits: CoxyE17

#46 New Season, Still Asking For Cups

Image credits: noellejess

#47 I Mean, Come On Man. This Is Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: A_The_Great

#48 No Thanks

Image credits: Eldakan

#49 Thin Chocolate Rabbit Filled With Milk + A Child’s Sweaty Hand.. Wcgw?

Image credits: angelgemini97

#50 Tequila In Lemon Carcass

Image credits: Dartosismyname

#51 I See Your Bucket… And I Raise You… A Bucket!

Image credits: ICC-u

#52 I Was Served My Drink In A Leather Bag

Image credits: sheyneanderson

#53 Cocktail Served In A Large Shell

Image credits: jamokachi

#54 Pumpkins For Your Pumpkin Beer!

Image credits: WalkOfShane24

#55 Only Wanted Some Extra Ice For My Drink

Image credits: redtryer

#56 A Cocktail At A New Hipster Bar

Image credits: mustardyellowcloset

#57 Another Bathtub, Spooky Edition

Image credits: yellowyellow36

#58 Liverpool Bar Serves Drinks In Model Bins….

Image credits: WiganLad82

#59 This Cost Me £14 In Mayfair, London. I Think It’s A Christmas Ornament. The Bird Arrived In A Decorative Bird Cage. The Stand Is Made Of Painted Ice Lolly Sticks And Pompoms. Every Time I Drank From It, I Was Worried I’d Knock It Over

Image credits: everyoneelsehasadog

#60 I Get That It’s *technically* A Ceramic Cup, But Dear God Something About Drinking Out Of A Shoe

Image credits: more_coffeee

#61 Didn’t Know What To Expect W A “Bacardi Swizzle Bucket”

Image credits: RizalineBeatrice

#62 Hot Chocolate In A Waffle Cone

Image credits: KansanMoonKnight

#63 But Is It Hot Or Iced?

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 Yeah, Plastic Bag Is The New Cup

Image credits: maripanz

#65 Found This On Facebook

Image credits: weklmn

#66 My Dad In Front Of His Bucket Of Margarita

Image credits: Caesthoffe

#67 My Cocktail Came In A Condiment Jar Of Some Sort

Image credits: mare_maid

#68 We Want Cupzzzzz!!!

Image credits: lululemonkush

#69 Does This Count?

Image credits: CuriousMommyBlogger

#70 Don’t Make Sense

Image credits: Youjustlostthegame1

#71 Back In Em Olden Days This Is How They Bought Milk In Sochi, Russia

Image credits: Glitched-Ninja

#72 Three Sips £16, Barts Chelsea

Image credits: notquitesuew

#73 It Must Be Italian!!!

Image credits: beanzilla83

#74 Drinking From A Trolley For Some Reason

Image credits: BAripper

#75 Drink In A Bong.. I Forgot The Restaurant But It Was In Downtown Minneapolis

Image credits: 10kharris

#76 Just Unscrew This Every Time You Want To Drink

Image credits: ikeagoddess100

#77 Good Thing My Drink Is Microwave Safe

Image credits: blakefish17

#78 They Said This Was To Be More Environmentally Conscious. Wouldn’t, I Don’t Know, Paper Cups Be Better?!

Image credits: bobcat009

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