Tom Scott Becomes a Blimp

How much helium does it take to lift a person? About 70,000 liters. In case you wondered how helium it took to lift the house in the movie Up, or Larry Walters’  or Kent Couch’s lawn chairs. But you, too, can float around with a helium balloon in a safe manner, thanks to a French company called Aéroplume. Their balloons are set up in an old blimp hangar so there’s no chance of flying off into the wild blue yonder. The helium balloons make you relatively weightless, so you get to experience the feeling of  flying without a plane. How cool is that?

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The comments under this video explore the difference between Tom getting the heebie-jeebies walking above the Royal Albert Hall with his apparent calm while strapped onto a balloon. The strapping itself may be reassuring, and the explanation of the worst that could happen probably makes a big difference.

Source: neatorama

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