Tom Scott Visits a Testing Ground for Explosions

The University of Sheffield Department of Civil and Structural Engineering has a Blast Laboratory. That’s where scientists and engineers go to have a blast -literally. They study and measure explosions with some really impressive equipment that not only precisely measures what’s going on during a detonation, but must also survive to relay that information.  

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Tom Scott visited the Blast Laboratory to ask how explosives work, which is a great excuse for a video, but we all know he went there to watch them blow stuff up. In this video, you can, too, without having to buy a ticket to a Hollywood film. Those movie explosions are mostly CGI these days, but at the Blast Laboratory, they are real. However, these are for science, not for show. The explosion they perform in this video goes so fast that you can’t really see it until they play back the high speed recording. How high speed? How about 250,000 frames per second!

If this topic interests you, the University of Sheffield has another video about their research you can watch.

Source: neatorama

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