Tom Scott's AI-Generated Video

British YouTuber Tom Scott takes his audience on tours of strange places, events, and historical relics. Every video is an adventure in new knowledge.

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But he’s been running out of ideas. Scott, like a lot of Britons, is in lockdown. So he can’t travel widely, especially to indoor locations.

So Scott asked the AI program GPT-3 to create titles for videos based on his previous work, as well as a complete script for one of them. At the 5:32 mark, he reads a completely fictitious script given to him by GPT-3 about a Russian utopia built in Yorkshire by Nineteenth Century eccentrics.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly providing content creation, management, and curation tasks. Our own resident AI, a program called “Miss Cellania” does an excellent job of automatically searching for neat content and posting it here. We should expect to see similar AI encroachments in the future.

-via The Awesomer

Source: neatorama

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