Too Cheesy?

Too Cheesy?

Earlier this week I stumbled upon these photographs of cheese set against marble backdrops by art collective Ptohograhpies who won the Berlin Art Prize in 2014 for these very images.

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At first they made me chuckle… a visual representation of the cheese on display in a curated environment strongly paralleled my feelings about all these ZOOM meetings.

But there was something more about them… I couldn’t NOT write about them. Trust me, I wanted to find something straight to the point and relevant to the current events. That would have been easier.

Roche III + IV, Roche Mannifères — Dissimulaits \ Work by Ptohograhpies

The retro images transported me to different moments in my life. The colors, flavors, and natural marbling of the cheese reminded me of my childhood when my father would ferment pears into liquor. While the artistic marbling of the paper brought me back to my first boss regaling stories of his bookbinder father floating paint in his bathtub to achieve liquid like movement in the endpaper.

But mostly my fondness for the playful camouflage of 3d and 2d is what mesmerizes me when staring at these loud, bold, and some might argue, stinky photos.

Roche V, Roche Mannifères — Dissimulaits \ Work by Ptohograhpies

Source: design-milk

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