Tool Rolls with Internal Zippered Pouches, Yea or Nay?

The whole point of a tool roll is organization. The traveling worker brings a suite of tools needed for a particular task, unfurls the roll on a worksurface and can easily see and access each individual tool. The design dictates one tool per pocket.

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A company called Rugged Tools, however, has taken a different approach with their tool rolls: Discrete slots have been replaced with zippered pouches, each meant to be filled with multiples within a particular category–combination wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers et cetera. And I can’t decide if this approach makes any sense. Take a look at their supposed use case:

If you’re bringing that many tools to a jobsite, and multiples are jumbled together though separated by category, doesn’t a conventional tool bag or tool bucket with multiple compartments already solve this problem? If you still need to fish through multiples to find the one tool you need, what advantage is conferred by going with the roll form factor? I’m particularly interested to hear from those of you who do travel with tools, and what your expected use cases would be.

Source: core77

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