Tools We Want to Try: Japanese Stationary Brand Stálogy's Translucent Gridded Sticky Notes

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The new Japanese stationary brand Stálogy instantly caught our eye because of their color-coded notepads and pens, but upon digging deeper we discovered a treasure trove much more valuable to designers: gridded translucent sticky notes. You can use your own imagination on how to use them, but the best use we’ve come up with so far is placing them over a physical or even digital sketch to experiment, critique or suggest new ideas. Need to make small adjustments? They come in a small size. Need to make large adjustments? They come in a large size. Ah, the simple bliss of experimenting on paper without committing to permanent marks.

Get them in the US here.
Get them in the UK here.
Get them in Japan here.

While you’re at it, you might as well go nuts and take a look at some of Stálogy’s other nicely designed product offerings:

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