Top 10 Technology Posts of 2022

Top 10 Technology Posts of 2022

10. The All-Aluminum Customizable Keychron Q3 Keyboard

If you’re a fan of the terminal-style keyboards in Severance, you might want to check out the thick and wonderfully tactile Keychron Q3, a heavy duty 75% mechanical keyboard layout with screw-in stabilizers, south-facing RGB, ANSI/ISO layout, and hot-swappable design. In short, satisfyingly old school in build and feel.

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9. Flowo Typewriter E-Ink Concept Is All About Productive Nostalgia

Italian designer Jody Del Bianco’s concept e-ink input device Flowo offers the antithesis of today’s constant barrage of distractions delivered by notifications, texts, and emails: a keyboard inspired device with a roller-shaped e-ink display attached, a cylindrical screen mimicking the action of typing onto paper as once was the norm.

Airmega air purifier along wall near leather slung chair and pile of books.

8. fuseproject Breathes Fresh Air Into the Coway Airmega Icon

Coway’s Airmega Icon air purifier designed in partnership with Yves Béhar’s fuseproject exemplifies how even a large home appliance like an air purifier can be thoughtfully designed to not only openly live within a space without detracting from aesthetic sensibilities, but even count a net positive as a design object. And to sweeten the deal, this air purifier adds a very useful, if not unexpected feature: wireless charging.

Side view of Victrola StreamCarbon turntable in matte silver finish against concrete wall, on slab table set near black Sonos speaker.

7. No Wires Required Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Is Built for Sonos Simplicity

Sonos has yet to deliver their own seamless wireless solution for vinyl playback, but this sleek and minimalist 2-speed, belt-driven turntable from a revived audio heritage brand makes a compelling argument there’s no need to wait because the solution is already available. The Victrola Stream Carbon may sport an old school moniker, but it comes accredited with Works with Sonos certification, and looks every bit a turntable of today.

Nuphy Air60 mechanical keyboard shown against patterned yellow background.

6. The Nuphy Air60 Mechanical Keyboard Keeps a Low Profile

The Nuphy Air60 slim, low profile 60% layout design is all about taking up as little space on the desk as one might hope from a mechanical keyboard, while also delivering a satisfying combination of touch and sound via three key switch options that you have to hear and feel IRL to truly appreciate.

Nothing Phone 1 placed upon green and white glowing table with black backdrop.

5. The Nothing Phone 1 Is Clearly a Different Kind of Smartphone

Not every mobile device should have to be categorized as a flagship effort to be notable. Case in point: the Nothing Phone 1 is unabashedly a mid-tier smartphone, but one designed to standout from the crowd, thanks to its LED-illuminated translucent case. The light show isn’t merely eye candy; the Nothing uses those LEDS to notify when specific contacts are trying to reach you, for app notifications, or to show battery charge status.

Audio-Technica 30 mm-thick, high-density clear acrylic chassis reduces resonance and reveals the belt-drive motor displayed on wood surface table with vacuum tube amps to the right.

4. Audio-Technica’s AT-LP2022 Turntable Is Clearly Special

When is a $1,200 transparent acrylic chassis turntable a “modestly priced” option? When it is the most affordable piece in a select collection of audio components celebrating the 60th anniversary of an audiophile brand.

Walnut wood wall mounted storage unit open with vinyl records.

3. TECHNOLOGY The Toneoptic rpm Takes Vinyl Storage Out for an Innovative Spin

Like many good designs, graphic designer and Toneoptic founder Fabian Geyrhalter’s solution began with a sketch of a simple cube with a surprising (and literal) twist. The Toneoptic rpm was conceived to help store and display his own 1,666 records collection, with an elegantly inventive storage system suggestive of the turntable itself. The design also rated as the most popular Home Furnishings post of 2022!

Detail of ACTOPLUS vacuum head.

2. ACTOPLUS: The Minimalist Mop and Vacuum Cleaner

The Actoplus concept by Chinese design studio Suosi Design is as elegantly shaped as it is clumsily named, a lightweight cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaner with a gently tapered cylindrical silhouette with built-in cleaning water containment units that pare down controls to the bare minimum.

And the most popular technology post of 2022 is…

1. The xBloom Coffee Maker Was Designed by Former Apple Engineers to Drink Differently

The xBloom design team rightfully recognizes a great part of the appeal of coffee is the relaxing rituals associated with preparing that first morning cup. They’ve designed a coffee capsule machine that retains a small element of user preparation while gladly also taking the guesswork out of preparing a perfect cup. The machine regulates water temperature, pressure, flow, pattern, and ground weight for you, and does so with biodegradable sugarcane fiber coffee capsules, while only really requiring a modicum effort on your part to ensure a great tasting serving of your favorite whole roasted beans.

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