Top Crowdfunding Specialist Now Offering Free Consulting Services to Pro-Black-Lives-Matter Organizations

Correcting America’s racial divide will require a lot of people from different backgrounds working together. People will need to step up and find creative ways to aim their skillsets at this task. A fine example of this is Alex Daly, a/k/a The Crowdsourceress, whose uncanny knack for connecting messages to crowds has led to the success of her eponymous marketing and communications agency.

Daly has one of the best kinds of jobs: She succeeds by helping others succeed. Countless crowdfunding campaigns have hit and surpassed their targets, often at viral levels, with her organization’s assistance. And if there is any movement that all of us need to succeed right now, it is Black Lives Matter. Which prompted Daly to post the following:

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We reached out to Daly for details.

Core77: Can you describe the scope of what you’re offering?

Alex Daly: Right now, we are offering pro-bono consulting services to pro-Black Lives Matter and social justice organizations in need of help with their online crowdfunding and fundraising efforts. We are currently only considering initiatives that are actively supporting the BLM movement and/or protestors in a direct way––but we hope to make this pro-bono program sustainable, to have a longer term impact down the line.

What types of services will you provide?

Our crowdfunding and online fundraising consulting services can include, but are not limited to, copy-editing and providing feedback on campaign materials, such as an organization’s campaign or donation page, newsletters, website copy; high-level guidance on social media strategy and messaging; and overall guidance on fundraising best practices.

In short, if you are an organization that’s looking to fundraise for your cause, we can use our expertise to help get you there. For now, we are just offering hourly sessions, so that we can dedicate time to as many efforts as possible.

Beyond that, we are doing our best to spread the word through our networks and social media. Hopefully this post will widen the audience and touch more people in need (thank you for reaching out to us!).

It’s our pleasure! What motivated you to launch this initiative?

For days following George Floyd’s murder, we were doing a lot of listening and researching—where we could donate, what we could be reading, how we could show up—as well as donating to causes like the Black Visions Collective, Campaign Zero, Reclaim the Block, and George Floyd’s Memorial Fund. But it didn’t feel like enough. What could we actively do to yield a more direct impact? That’s why we decided to offer tangible support in the form of our consulting services.

This is just a humble start. I am sure we will learn a lot along the way––we need to keep listening and paying attention, all the while we do the work. Following the onset of Covid, several agencies shuttered, and I am feeling privileged that our agency is still afloat to be able to offer this support. I hope and urge that other agencies who have the resources to step up to offer this kind of work, too.

Thank you for doing this!

Thank YOU for helping us spread the word 🙂

Source: core77

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