Toronto's New Favorite Cat

Erika Strong works at the office of Shopify in Toronto. Their office windows face an apartment building across the street, where cats sometimes sit in the windows. One cat was particularly intriguing to Strong and her co-workers. One day, they attached Post-it notes to their window that spelled out “What is your cat’s name?” And then waited. For six weeks. It was a glorious day on Wednesday when the sign you see above appeared.

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“Marshall,” read the sign in a bold printed font, pasted right where Strong says the cat usually sits.

“I died,” said Strong. “I freaked out. Everyone was so excited because they all knew we’d been waiting.”

People on other floors in the building who’d similarly admired the cat (which this reporter believes to be a ragdoll) even went so far as to thank her for finding out more about him.

Strong posted their accomplishment at Twitter, which went instantly viral.

Now everyone in Toronto wants to know more about Marshall. You can read the entire story at blogTO. -via Buzzfeed

Source: neatorama

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