Total Jerks Cut In Line At A Tattoo Parlor, Get A Tiny Tattoo And Lose Lots Of Money As A Result

Revenge is a dish best served cold — or at least with a huge grin on your face. And there’s nobody that deserves a taste of vengeance better than arrogant jerks who think they’re better than everyone else and believe they’re too good to wait in line like the rest of us.

A Redditor named Bill1nfamou5 told the story of how you should never cut in line and that you should never piss off your tattoo artist. Ever. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a tattoo that you don’t want and your wallet will be far lighter than you’d like it to be. But that’s the price that jerks pay to people who aren’t afraid to stand up to them. Be sure to scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the Redditor, according to whom what happened was “possibly the weirdest and dumbest experience” they have ever had in a tattoo shop. “Had I not been there to see the completely absurd entitlement of these two I never would have believed it,” Bill1nfamou5 said.

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One Reddit user told the story of what happens when you anger a tattoo artist by acting rudely

Image credits: Harry Heng (not the actual photo)

A couple acted like complete jerks to everybody at a tattoo parlor

The Redditor was getting a tattoo done by his friend Liz when a couple of jerks barged in, ignoring the huge line of people waiting to be served, and demanded that they get tattoos first. Right then and there. 

One of the tattoo artists decided that some revenge was due

Naturally, one of the tattoo artists thought it’d be best to teach the jerk duo a lesson. He drew a tiny tattoo on the arrogant girl’s ankle, demanded money for a custom job and then pointed to a “no change” sign. This meant the girl ended up paying 50 dollars for a tattoo she didn’t want. Three guesses whether this situation made her rethink her life afterward?

In an interview with Bored Panda, Bill1nfamou5 shared a few more thoughts about what happened that day.

“We were all laughing at first because we thought she was joking and were all surprised and kinda stunned when we realized she wasn’t,” the Redditor said about the incredibly rude tattoo parlor customer.

Bill1nfamou5, who revealed that he has 13 tattoos on his forearms, added that he personally didn’t think that what the tattoo artist did was right.

The Redditor also mused as to why some people act rudely and without caring about others: “I think people end up with a sense of entitlement through one reason or another and will spend the rest of their lives acting like the world owes them something.”

Some Redditors thought the story seemed odd: they thought it was weird that there was a line at the tattoo parlor, that there was a ‘no change’ policy and that nobody tried to stop the jerk couple. However, as several internet users pointed out, lines at tattoo parlors are nothing new when there’s a special discount for work done on a particular day. What’s more, not all tattoo parlors like to have a lot of cash on premises in case of robberies.

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And as to why nobody reacted to the aggressive jerk couple, well, there’s a thing called the bystander effect. Also known as bystander apathy, the effect means that we, as human beings, are far less likely to help victims of a crime or an accident when others are near us. The bigger the crowd, the more likely we are to think that somebody else will help the victim.

Bored Panda asked Bill1nfamou5 what he thought of some people thinking that his story wasn’t true. Here’s what he had to say: “Does it sound too strange to be true? Absolutely. I wish I was creative enough to fabricate something so truly bizarre but oftentimes reality is stranger than any fiction could be. Had I not been there to see the completely absurd entitlement of these two I never would have believed it but, alas, I was there, I saw it happen, and I’m still shocked at how someone can be so demanding, especially so early in the morning.”

What do you think of what happened, Dear Pandas? Do you think that the jerk couple deserved what they got? What would you have done? What do you think of the bystander effect? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, so drop us a line in the comments below.

People’s opinions about what happened varied


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