Traditional Japanese dolls made out of paper

Washi paper is one of the UNESCO’s Intangible cultural heritage objects, and is the medium for Akio Maruyama to craft this traditional handmade paper dolls. With the washi paper variety of textures and intricate designs Murayama recreates traditional outfits.

Each doll is unique, Japanese brides, princesses, maikos, kids, couples, etc.With his dolls Murayama represent different Japanese characters and scenes. At first sight you can notice the importance given to the smallest elements, the kimonos, yukatas, obis, umbrellas, hairdos, head dresses, fans, handbags.

Found more of this beautiful dolls on his Instagram or Facebook.

Akio 1Akio 2Akio 3Akio 4Akio 5Akio 6Akio 7Akio 8Akio 9


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